15 of Calgary’s Best Playgrounds – 2014

top 15 calgary playgrounds 2014

These playgrounds represent some of the best from around the city. About half of the playgrounds are new to the list this year, and about half were also on last year’s list of Calgary’s Best Playgrounds. There is also a 2015 Calgary’s Best Playgrounds list out now.

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top 15 calgary playgrounds 2014

1. Applestone Park Playground

Applewood – Applestone Park, Applewood Drive SE

This playground was newly installed last fall. It is a huge accessible playground with equipment suitable for kids of all ages and ability levels. Hands down one of  Calgary’s best playgrounds. I would encourage everyone to make the trip to see it but especially if you have a child with special needs.

applestone park playground

2. Cliff Bungalow Community Centre Playground 

Cliff Bungalow (by Mission) – Cliff St and 22nd Ave SW

One of the prettiest playgrounds in the city, this playground has a forest theme and features accessible flooring and challenging climbing equipment for big kids and little kids.

cliff bungalow playground

3. Helicopter Playground

Parkdale/West Hillhurst – 5th Avenue and 27th St. NW.

One of Calgary’s most beloved playgrounds. It’s large with plenty of equipment for older and younger kids and has a helicopter theme.

helicopter playground

4. Elboya Park Playground

Elboya – 46 Ave & 4a St. SW

This playground is big and bright and sure to please. The playground has accessible flooring, and plenty of equipment for both older and younger kids. Making the playground even better is the landscaping surrounding it including small hills, rocks, pathways and trees.

elboya park playground

5. Haultain Park Playground

Downtown – 225  13 Ave. S.W. (also known at 13 Ave Park)

Located next to the Parks Foundation Calgary building this huge playground has accessible flooring, a climber for big and little kids and a great ramp system.

haultain park playground

6. Capitol Hill Dinosaur Playground

Capitol Hill – 20th Avenue and 15th St. NW.

The playground was newly installed last year. This playground provides great opportunities for imaginative play and will have your kids begging to go to the dinosaur playground.

dinosaur playground

7. Prairie Winds Water Park and Playgrounds

Westwinds/Castleridge – 233 Castleridge Blvd. NE.

Located on the South side of Prairie Winds Park this playground features accessible flooring, saucer swings and a huge Merry-go-round spinner (Apollo).

prairie winds park playground

8. Simons Valley School Playground

Sandstone – Sandarac Drive and Sandalwood Gate

This playground is excellent, it features accessible flooring, a large Merry-go-round spinner (Apollo) and a musical array. To top it off there is another really good playground just a short walk across the field.

Simons Valley School Playground

9. Nellie Breen Park – Inglewood 

Inglewood – 14th St and St. Monica Ave SE

This playground is within a beautiful little park with large mature trees. The park has a real community feel with picnic tables, a gazebo and outdoor carpet flooring making the play space accessible to everyone. This is one of the first playgrounds I reviewed and it is still one of my favorites.

Nellie Breen Playground

10. Millrise Drive Playground

Millrise – Corner of Millrise Drive and Millrise Way SW

This playground features plenty of choices for climbing and spinning and the rock features give it a cool look

Millrise Playground

11. Valleyview Park Playgrounds

Dover- 28 St and 30 Ave SE

This beautiful park has two fantastic playgrounds both with accessible flooring. The preschool playground is inside a fenced area along with a spray park. The school-aged playground is just up the hill and has equipment that will challenge and entertain even your biggest kids.

valleyview park playground

12. Applewood Rotary Greenway Playground

Along the Rotary Greenway – access from the community of Applewood

This playground features of this playground are shaped like rocks, logs, frogs and even a giant snake. This is a really unusual playground – it’s definitely worth a visit.

applewood greenway playground

13. New Brighton Treehouse Park

New Brighton – 2000 Brightoncrest GRN

Featuring accessible flooring and a cute treehouse theme this playground is sure to spark your child’s imagination.

new brighton treehouse playground

14.  Vista Heights Jungle Playground

Vista Heights – 1820 Valleyview Rd NE

This playground is geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. It features accessible flooring, a cute jungle theme and equipment perfect for their smaller size.

Vista Heights Jungle Playground

15. Renfrew Park Playground

Renfrew 811 Radford Road N.E. (Beside the Renfrew Community Association – NOT the athletic park)

One of the best toddler playgrounds in the city. Your little ones will love running around a playground that is just their size.

renfrew park playground

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  1. says

    Thanks for your awesome reviews! When i first moved to YYC a couple years ago, i stumbled upon your blog and it was so helpful in helping find play spaces for my then one child, now that i’ve go two more–its been ever more helpful and i’m constantly looking for play spaces that are safe and will accommodate the various ages. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Jamie Welsh says

    Can’t believe the Elliston Park playgrounds are missing from this list! There are three playgrounds in the vicinity, each one with a different design and feel and were always my fave parks as a kid!

  3. Lori says

    Do you happen to know which of these locations have public washrooms. I have found the biggest problem with a lot of the neighbourhood playgrounds is that there are none available. Which is why I tend to stick to the larger city parks. Little kids and a lack of facilities do not go together well! Even my local playground does not have a washroom available.

    • danawyyc says

      That is certainly an issue Lori. Few playgrounds in Calgary have washrooms. Larger parks, and all of the spray parks and wading pools have them but otherwise there usually aren’t any.

      Prairie Winds and Valleyview are both larger parks with spray parks and so will have washrooms at least part of the year. Renfrew and Capitol Hill are both next to a community centre so you may be able to use that washroom.

      • Kate Griffiths says

        Check out Edworthy Park it has three playgrounds in walking distance of each other and several toilet blocks too :)

  4. Chris says

    There is a playground on 52nd and about 14th Ave NE. I think it’s Forest Lawn area. They finished building it in the fall of 2013 and it’s great! Both myself and my kids love it. It has a forest theme and sparks much imagination. It’s looks similar to the Vista Heights park on this list.

      • Chris says

        Sorry, I got confused 😉 This park is in the SE, not NE. Just a little bit south of Memorial. I’m not sure if it’s on the SE list or not.

  5. Davit says

    There is one in Mckenzie Town which is wonderful for those who have vivid imaginations… Just north west of St. Albert the great church is a plaground with a castle and a pirate ship… many times me and my boys attacked the castle from sea, or defended the castle from those blood thirsty pirates. The 2 parts of the playground are just far enough that a good snowball fight can be had (did I mention I have 3 boys)

    • danawyyc says

      That’s playground is great! It’s one of my favorites and was on my 2013 list but I ended up leaving it off the list this year.

  6. Joni Carroll says

    I’m happy to have been part of the neighbourhood gang that created Nellie Breen Playground — as well as the playground at Altadore School (come visit!). Do you think you could help get the word out about the design grant that is available thru the Parks Foundation Calgary? Up to $5K is available to folks creating / improving playgrounds in their communities. If people work with a landscape architect they are more likely to create a playground that will be featured in your blog. Thanks!

  7. rl says

    Rosscarrock (45 St & 10 th av SW) has a great new playground that was just build last fall, worth checking out

    • danawyyc says

      Hi Tracey,

      It’s a bit of a trade of with my photos, I try not to take identifiable pictures of other people’s kids and avoid having them in the shot at all of I can. They definitely look more fun with lots of kids playing on them but I try to respect other people’s privacy while I am out photographing. When you do see kids in the photos it is almost always my kids or my friends’ kids.

      Sometimes we go early when the parks are less busy and sometimes I just have to be strategic and wait until I can get a clear shot. You would be surprised how many kids were actually at the park sometimes even though they aren’t in the photos.

  8. Laura says

    Just wondered if you’ll be doing another of these lists this year? We loved doing them all last summer, and I was hoping to create another little summer challenge for us this year! :-)

  9. Simon says

    The links at the bottom of the list for best NW, SW etc don’t work. The NW goes to SW and the SW doesn’t work etc… When you go to the pages you get the ominous 404 error for page not found. Should be a quick fix if these pages are out there somewhere?


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