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My updated 2013 review of Joso’s Play Centre

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Unit 100 – 12018 Symons Valley Road, NW

Gordie’s Review (21 months)– I liked climbing!

Cost: $6.99 for the first child 12 months and older; $2.99 for first child under 12 months; $4.99 for additional children; additional children under 12 months and adults are free.
Age Range: 8 and under.
Surface: rug with extra mats where needed in the play area; smooth industrial flooring in the eating area.
Footwear: Socks. If you forget they can be purchased at reception.
Safety Features/Concerns: The gate locks and you have to be buzzed out by the person at the counter.
Play Area Features: Large 4 level climber with a ball pit and a double slide; 2 Plasma cars; Baby area with exersaucers; books; large foam blocks; and plastic toys.
Seating: There is an eating area at the front with 5 tables and a bench goes along one side of the play area.
Additional Services: Small cafe with drinks, snack items and a short lunch menu; preschool; childcare; birthday parties.

Overall Assessment: My husband Stephen and I took Gordie to Joso’s on a Saturday morning. Joso’s also runs a preschool and day care program in this space so the atmosphere has a bit of a school feel around the perimeter. Although seating was at a bit of a premium, the play area itself wasn’t uncomfortably crowded.

Stephen had a bagel there for breakfast and found it to be a little underwhelming. It was also a difficult to find a spot to sit in their small eating area. We could only find one available chair, so it’s a good thing I had breakfast at home! I probably wouldn’t recommend planning on having lunch there as that’s obviously not a major focus for them, but they do have a nice variety of healthy snack choices.

There were a few things that I really liked about Joso’s. Their climber allows kids to get up pretty high, but it’s still really easy to keep track of them as it’s not particularly deep and you c an walk right into the middle. This allows for great independent and adventurous play even for pretty little kids. Gordie loved it. His absolute favorite thing was running through the hanging ‘punching bags’. He’s still pretty little so I went up with him, but I wouldn’t really say it was set up for parents to play with your kids, it’s more just parent accessible.

Gordie didn’t want to try the Plasma cars, but they were so popular it was hard to get a picture of them without kids on them!

The other thing I really liked is their baby area. Even babies who are still working on sitting or pulling up have toys to play with. This is great for parents with a new baby and an older sibling. You could sit in the baby area while still monitoring your older kid(s) playing on the climber.


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  1. Anonymous says

    One thing I didn’t like about the baby play area was that most of the toys’ batteries had run out, so we could not fully enjoy the exersaucers and musical toys. For a 13 month old who is not quite able to enjoy the climber yet, we found the price a little steep.

  2. Anonymous says

    I went on a week day morning, and it was nice. Not too busy at all. I believe on Tuesday mornings, it is cheaper – $2 entrance I think (but that also makes it busier!)

  3. Melanie says

    I love Joso’s!!!

    I have 3 boys, 5yrs,3.5yrs and 2yrs. They love playing there. My oldest goes to preschool there so we have a family membership free Play because of being registered in there school
    It’s great for winter and rainy days to burn steam off
    I would recommend checking out there Summer day camps as well. Great place for family’s and so much more then just play for one day

  4. Bonnie says

    The staff was rude, parents did not monitor their children AT ALL! Kids throwing balls at each other is unacceptable on many levels! Poorly run, will NOT be going back!

  5. Lindsay says

    We just celebrated our baby’s first birthday there and it was fantastic! We were all very happy, the staff was very friendly and helpful. They didn’t let me do any work (they even cut the cake and served it). As a new mom I was very worried and didn’t know what to expect. I was very stressed and they went out of their way to help me so I could relax. I was able to relax and enjoy the party! We had the place for ourselves and it was very reasonable! I even got a call the next day from the Manager asking me how the party went. I’m not sure if this is the norm out there, but as a new mom my first birthday experience was amazing with Joso’s! We’ll be back next year!

  6. Maya says

    It’s ok for younger kids. I do like that you can have kids of varying ages and still be able to see them as they play in their respective areas. However, yes, finding a spot to sit can be a challenge. Do not try to come or go when the school sessions are starting or ending, you will but stuck amidst a huge mass of parents trying to get their kids. Staff was neither helpful or negligent, they just simply manned the front door and seemed to wash their hands of any further duties. Parents at this play center however can be hard to deal with. Many kids are flat out ignored and not supervised. My 18month old daughter was at the top of the play structure when she was attacked from behind and choked and dragged by another child as I screamed and hollered up to the other kid to release her so she could breathe, she released her finally, then reached back for one last attack- just missing her eye, my daughter was cut and bleeding from the corner of her eye, behind her ear and down her neck….all of this commotion- no parent to be found for the other child or even staff to try to help me. I was appalled.

    • Jenn says

      You must have been there on a toonie tuesday. I agree it is very busy on tuesdays because it’s only 2 bucks, very cheap, and get very crowded with all kind of people (some rude parents). that’s why i bought a membership there and i go any other day but tuesdays. mondays or wednesdays r nicer and quieter. i have 2 kids (18 mths and 3 years) and they love it there. im really surprised you said that about the staff, Lea is fantastic, i go there very often and she knows my kids by first name and she is very nice and helpful w everyone. We have been members for 2 years now and are planning to continue buying the membership until my kids get tired of there (dont see it happening any time soon) we love Joso’s, it keeps my kids entertained and safe, its very clean, i can drink my coffee and relax, and when we go back home my kids r so tired that just nap. love it!


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