Coffee and Scream Review 2013

Coffee and Scream

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Community – Cambrian Heights/Highwood – 555 Northmount Dr. NW

Gordie’s Review (3.5  years old)– driving the cars!
Nicky’s Review (10 months old) – Loved the baby toys!

Cost: $6.65 per child 8 months to 6 years.
Age Range: 6 and under.
Footwear: Socks. Socks can be purchased if you forget.
Safety Features/Concerns: The door to the play area is locked. To get out you have to push a button on the wall while you turn the handle.
Play Area Features: Little Tykes climbers, play houses and kitchens; ride on toys with a driving track; baby area with soft play mats.
Additional Services: Full service coffee bar that is accessible to the public. The coffee shop is separated from the play area with a locking door, but parents can access the cafe items through a window.


Coffee and S’cream is my favorite place to have coffee with a friend while our toddlers and preschoolers play. It’s large enough that even older preschoolers can get some solid exercise and be entertained, but small enough that toddlers can be independent at a pretty young age.

If you have a baby, you will probably have to sit down with them. Although there is a special area for babies, it is not separated from the rest of the play area and is a short crawl away from the ‘road’ where the older kids can drive around. Nicky had a great time there especially with the bead maze although after a little while she did start to explore around.

Gordie has always been enamored with the road track. Sometimes it’s pushing shopping carts around, this time it was riding in the fire truck. Gordie at 3.5 is still at a great age for Coffee and Scream – although you can take kids as old as 6, I probably wouldn’t recommend seeking it out for kids much older than 4 unless they had younger siblings or you were meeting someone else there.

One of the things I really love is the wall of windows along the side of the play area – they make everything so nice and bright.

The busiest times of day are mid-morning – it starts emptying out towards lunch time and is always less busy in the afternoons. If your kids still nap, consider going early in the morning. Coffee and S’cream opens most days at 7am and even at 8am you basically have the place to yourself.

The food is made to order so if you’re looking to stay for lunch, think about ordering about 20 minutes before you want to eat. Their sandwiches are nice and fresh and their kids menu is fairly inexpensive with options that will please even the pickiest kids. My personal favorite is the Egg S’creamer breakfast sandwich. It’s cheap, but delicious. Gordie’s tried pretty much everything on the kids menu at one time or another and they all look pretty good.

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream

Coffee and Scream
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Have you been to Coffee and S’cream? What did you think?


  1. C says

    If you just want to take your kiddos out to burn of some steam, this is not the best place to go. It is VERY crowded with limited seating and no place for kids to run. They either have to play on the equipment or stand in a corner. If you are going for coffee with friends and your kiddos, I can see this as a great place to meet up and have your kids play for a bit. Hence the Coffee and Scream:)

    • danawyyc says

      C – coffee and scream can get very busy, particularly mid-morning. Early mornings and afternoons are generally much much quieter.

  2. katz_75 says

    I used to go here a lot with my oldest, but today went with my baby. Very disappointing. The staff were friendly enough, but complained about work loudly and didn’t clean the tables in the play area enough. The owner was in, but only to take money from the till. The sandwich was good and fresh, but they use canned soup. The play area looked like it hadn’t had a good cleaning in a while, toys with dirt and food on them. The kids were mostly supervised by adults with them; however, one was allowed to run wild while his dad was in the cafe on his phone for over 1/2 an hour – no other adult was watching him. Not sure I will ever go again.

  3. Shane says

    My wife and i went in offten before the managment change and it was great, friendly and always happy to go! We had our son’s birthday party on a Sunday in July under the new managment people and wow! With the screw you attitudes they carry on there is brutal. Will not be going back and hope to find another great place in the north.

  4. Denise says

    Disappointed with Coffee and Scream. I found it very dirty and unkept, even first thing in the morning.
    Seating is limited, coffee was mediocre at best. Toys and play structures were great for my toddler, however, I don’t think I’ll be returning.


  1. […] Located in Cambrian Heights NW this coffee and play place is aimed at children 6 and under. It features a driving track, little tykes climbers, kitchens, play house and a soft mat baby area and more. It has a full service coffee shop with food that is made to order. This is a great place for toddlers to engage in independent play. Update: 2013 Coffee and Scream review […]

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