Kids Play All Day – 2013 Review

Kids Play All Day

Note: Kids Play All Day has closed indefinitely. 

Location    map

Address: Silverado –  214 -19369 Sheriff King St. SW

Gordie’s Review (4  years old)– What was your favorite part? “the slide!”
Nicole’s Review (12 months old) – the bead maze!

Cost: $$8.50 for ages 1 to 3, $12.50 for ages 4 and older, children under 1 year and adults are free.
Age Range: 1-12.
Footwear: Socks. Socks are available for purchase if you forget.
Safety Features/Concerns: There are closed circuit video monitors with a rotating video feed; Children and adults get matching wrist bands that get checked and cut off at the door.
Play Area Features: 2-level jungle themed play structure with twisty slide, triple slide, rollers, bridge, roller racer car area, little monkey toddler area with small climber, big soft blocks, exersaucers, EyeClick Interactive projected playmat.
Additional Services: Birthday Party Rooms, activity and craft days
Food Services: Deli with coffee, tea, sandwiches, salads and other snack items.

Overall Assessment:

We were at Kids Play All Day on a Saturday morning – they were having a birthday party and the seating area was pretty busy, but there was still plenty of space to play.

The climber structure is smaller than some of play centres in Calgary, but that makes it less overwhelming for younger kids and allows kids to be independent on the climber at a younger age. The climber isn’t really designed for adults, it’s adult accessible, if you want to take your little one down the slide or need to rescue your kid, you can get up, but even I (at 5’4″) find it a bit squishy.

Kids Play All Day

We weren’t meeting any friends that day, and so Gordie really wanted me to come with him, but he was so fast I couldn’t really keep up. He was really very comfortable moving through it by himself.

Kids Play All Day

Kids Play All Day

Kids Play All Day

The roller car area isn’t set up like a track, it’s just a big black space. There were plenty of cars, and I think Gordie benefited from the openness of the space – his skills really seemed to improve during our visit.

Kids Play All Day

The toddler area is located right nearby a little bit closer to the seating area.

Kids Play All Day

Nicole really enjoyed playing with the bead maze which had a good view of the big climber and playing with the toys from the outside of the exersaucer. Knocking down the big foam blocks and going down the slide seemed quite popular with kids a little bit older. Kids Play All Day

Kids Play All Day

As someone with two kids, I often find it difficult to monitor both kids when they are at such different levels at larger play centres (and in fact won’t take them by myself). Due to the size and set up at this one, I could easily keep an eye out for Gordie while watching Nicole from the edge of the toddler area.

Kids Play All Day


The EyeClick Mat is just around the corner from the toddler area. It was popular with kids of all ages.

Kids Play All Day

I couldn’t get a shot of the seating area because it was so busy. There is quite a bit of seating but only a small amount is right in front of the play area. This does make it harder to keep a close eye on your kids, but because of the size fairly young kids will be able to play independently and your kids can’t get too lost in the play structure.

We didn’t stay for lunch, but they offer a lot of healthy lunch and snack options as well as some treats and drinks.

Kids Play All Day

Have you been to Kids Play All Day? What did you think?


  1. Rosi says

    I found this place fantastic. I have two kids (2.5 and 1) and both were very happy and entertained in the toddler area. It was very clean and great light. It was pretty quiet at 10 when we arrived but was fairly busy by 11 but not crazy crowded like some places get. It cleared out by 1130. The eye click was great for the toddler and my babe was happy as a lark going down the slide (yup, it holds a mom and baby) and knocking down blocks. My new favorite place!

  2. carolina says

    Great place, clean, nice and the owner is very nice. My daughter got upset because there was a boy that was being a little bit mean to her, and the owner came over and make sure that the boy will stop it.

  3. says

    Well not to impressed the name is a lie it’s they can play if you eat there way over priced sandwiches that are not to good there is some hot food of low quality and their drinks are over priced the play area is pretty cool but it is very small there is two slides and we spent about 45 mins here before the kids were bored tommy k play on 130th ave se is much bigger for the same price don’t think I will be wasting my money here Agian

  4. Nikki says

    Not very impressed. The play area is very small, so expect your kids to be done in hour or so. Nice staff but not so nice owner. He seemed a bit rude maybe it wasn’t his day LOL. We were there in the evening and had the feeling that he wants us to leave. Not coming back anyways. Don’t waste your money on that place, especially if you don’t live nearby

  5. Shane says

    We had our daughters birthday4th party at Kids Play All Day and the owner and staff bent over backwards to make sure all went well. The place is always kept clean and never had any issues with customer service. There was a reason we had the party there and that`s because it`s a great place! Without question, this place is the best bang for your buck in the south as it is for kids 6 months to 8 years . The parents that came to our party said that it was also a great place and will return. Your not going to please everybody but this is one of the better run places out there!

  6. Kristine says

    The place was shut down by government yesterday. Those who had birthday parties scheduled lost their money. The owner doesn’t get on the phone. Terrible!!!!!

    • Lora says

      I was able to register a dispute with my Mastercard because we paid for a service that we didn’t receive. They are going to credit my account and take up the claim with the ownership of Kids Play.

  7. B.M. says

    This place survived no longer than 10 months. It’s been shut down without notice, refund or explanation to their clients.

    The truth behind this mysterious closure is Orlando’s bankruptcy, failure to pay to suppliers and employees.

    And even after that, management is lying about possible re-opening, now when most of the equipment has been taken away for auction.

    During the last months we could experience complete change of staff members (let’s ask ourselves why?), owner’s divorce (it was supposed to be a place built based on happy family values), his visits to the bar (taking care about us, the clients and our money?) and incompetent management from his part.

    Do we really want this place to be re-opened and could we ever trust again to such an owner?

    What we, clients, demand is transparency and honesty, which we still haven’t received.

  8. Gary says

    Not sure where the real problem is but its simple math, the guys rent had to be upwards of $20,000.00 a month or about $700.00 a day, add in other costs such as payroll, insurance, telephone, electric, etc and my guess is this place had to bring in $1400 a day just to break even. I went there a several times in the winter months and I think it was like $9.00 for my daughter and yeah I think I spent another $12.00 on food and drink which was over priced and the place most likely made $6.00 on my $12.00 purchases.

    But still thats only $15.00 towards that daily NUT of $1,400.00 so that means like almost (100) kids are need throught the door day in and day out 365 days a year just to maybe break even.

    Its was clear to me from the first time I went to the place it was doomed before the doors even opened. The sad part is we all need a place like this especially when its winter time, I for one would have had no problem with paying more per visit and seeing games inside like Chucky Cheese in the area they used for those low wheel trikes. Now I am stuck going back to Tommy K like many others I guess

  9. Lora says

    Hey South Calgary parents! If you loved Kids Play (or even if you didn’t) don’t be afraid to check out Fun n’ More located at McLeod and Canyon Meadows Drive.

    I have no financial interest in their business, but I want to promote them because they are an underrated play facility and they saved my birthday party bacon last weekend when Kids Play left me high and dry.

    With 10 minutes notice, Fun n’ More made a party room for my 21 guests and scared up hotdogs, juice, water and chips for everyone. The party was saved.

    There used to be a play facility called Let’s Play at the location that now serves Fun n’ More. It seems to me that most parents still know the spot as Let’s Play even though it changed ownership and was completely remodeled at least 18 months ago. Let’s Play was pretty bad but please give Fun n’ More a chance!

    Their play structure is constructed by the same manufacturer as Kids Play, but it’s much bigger. There is a whole lot of seating for parents and a gated off baby area. There is an arcade and one of those game systems that projects onto the floor. You can pay $5 extra for “ice” skating or mini golf.

    I find it to be an ideal spot where all three of my kids (6, 3, and 1 yr) can play safely with proper supervision by just one parent.

    Lastly, they have a preschool on the premises that is a delightful surprise. If you are in the market for a preschool I highly recommend taking a tour. It is separate from the play facility and it is awesome – a diamond in the rough.

    • says

      I’m doing some marketing work with Fun N’ More — they are working to get their name out more in 2014. The owners are really nice people and I’m sure they will love to hear about your comments. Thanks for mentioning them in this blog!

  10. Anon says

    Last time I went there, the owners’ looked miserable and were short with each other. The atmosphere was tense and not pleasant at all. The staff did not look happy. That was early this year and I never returned after that. Then at another time, the male owner called the store were a relative of mine worked and was rude to her and arrogant. She was utterly shocked a business owner would speak to her like that. I doubt they will re-open. The cops were in front of the store today. Not sure why, but I am sure it had something to do with the closure.

  11. Shannon says

    It’s interesting to read all of the negative comments about Kids Play All Day, because my kids and I LOVED this place. I’m really disappointed to hear about its closure.

    We’ve been to several other indoor play areas (Play A Latte, Coffee Tot, Coffee & Scream, Kidz & Koffee, Playtopia, Fun N More) and in my opinion, this one was by far the best. It was CLEAN and bright, offered healthy snack options, and my kids would play happily for hours. Despite what might have been going on behind the scenes, it was a great facility and so much fun.

    We’re going to miss it! :(

      • Laura says

        I also agree with Shannon. I was sad to hear of the closure.

        I have two childeren under 3 and found this place to be the best indoor play centre in the south of Calgary. We spent nearly two hours every visit. It was easy to keep track of both kids and plenty of things to do.

        Now that Kids Play is closed I consider Playa Latte is the next best place for young toddlers and babies. I wish they were open on weekends as we had to settle for Fun N More last time we wanted an indoor gym. I do not like this place or Tommy K for the younger children and there is not a lot for babies to do either. We were done in less than an hour and my 3 yr old loves climbing.

        Whatever Wel miss Kids Play.

  12. Amanda says

    I am not sure I understand the complaints.. this place was AWESOME for us! It was the only place that was close to our house, it was always spotless, it was certainly big enough for our kids.. they cried when I told them it was shut down. The first time we were there my daughter was having a meltdown over something rather and the owner came over and gave her a free coupon for a discount on our next visit. He spoke some encouraging words to me as well. I had an opportunity to ask him what the start up costs are for the place and he said over a million dollars. When I asked him if it would be successful, he seemed hesitant. I’m not entirely surprised it’s closed.. the location is out in the middle of nowhere. While it was a great location for us (We live in Evergreen), you would never know about it unless you googled it. Personally I think it’s a huge risk to start up a play area in this city.. most of them don’t survive in this city. Nonetheless, we will definitely miss this place :(

    • Gary says

      I too miss the palce but it was doomed before the doors opened high rent, staff costs and other general expenses, however no way the guy spent $1,000,000.00, maybe more like $125,000.00, regardless sad to see the placed closed

  13. Amanda says

    I’d think the start up costs were WAY higher than a mere $125,000… the cost of the equipment, and renovation to the building alone would be well over $125,000. Plus the cost to rent the place, marketing, website design, stock, etc…

    • Gary says

      A website like Kidsplay soup to nuts is $1500 the equipment is being sold off at auction and willl most likely fetch less then $10,000.00 as it was not free and clear. Tables, chairs display cases and potable items was less then $25,000.00. Before the place opened they were sending out mailers and hand out information all whch can mailed and printed for less then $7.500.00.
      As to rent and payroll those are not start up costs.

      I assure you there is NO WAY he spent anywhere near $1,000,000.00.

      I even looked into re-opening the place adding games such as at Chucky Cheese, batting cages, and kids hair cuts even then the numbers just will not work, you cannot generate enough daily traffic to cover daily operationg costs of $2,500.00 a day.

      However those daily costs cannot be considered when telling someone Hey I have $1,000,000.00 invested in this place.
      PS: To get companies to sign muti-year agreements most of the build out was done for free and most were given reduced rents for the first (6) months. Thats the only reason it made it as long as it did.

      • Dina says

        Hello Gary , I am in process to open an indoor play centre and I can see that you did a lot of market research so I need to talk to you ,I think you have a good experience in this field , if you don’t mind you can call me this is my phone number 4034027994.

    • danawyyc says

      I have no affiliation with any play place, but I remove comments that are not in keeping with the family friendly tone of my website. It is rare that I delete a comment and I consider it carefully each time. You are welcome to resubmit the comment if you leave out the profanity.

  14. Wayne says

    I was a contractor for Orlando and I never got paid. He fed me lies for almost a year before he shut the doors. He’s a con man to be sure, needs a little jail time to reconsider his moral compass. I hope he gets run out of Calgary. We don’t need people like this in our fine city.

  15. Carolina says

    My husband and I were so unhappy to know the place closed. We had our daughter’s birthday party last september. She is a child with special needs and so are most of her friends who attended the party.
    I only have positive comments for the place and the owner, Orlando. The service was fantastic! The place was not overcrowded as most of these sort of indoor places. So my daughter and her friends enjoyed running and playing around the entire place quietly! We had lots of extra drinks and food and Orlando and the assistant put everything in bags for us!
    The place was extremely clean and tidy, not to mention, all the equipment in great conditions as it looked brand new!
    I agree with the previous comment that said what happened behind scenes is not our problem. Specially those about Orlando’s personal life! What matters is that he gave us an amazing service! I wish the place would reopen. The location was perfect to us, living in Cranston.
    I feel sorry for the people that had a bad experience there.
    Overall was for us the best place for our kids, and we’ll miss it!


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