St Sebastian School Playground

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St Sebastian School Playground

Thanks to Katie for this guest review! Katie writes about everything you need to know about Calgary Birthday’s over at Best Birthdays.

Note: This is a school playground, so you may be asked to leave during school hours.

Location:    map
Community: Chaparral – 65 Chaparral Dr SE (St Sebastian School)
 Parking: Free street parking
Charlotte’s review (3 years old): “I love the slides!”
Luc’s review (9 months): Luc loved the recycled tire flooring, which was good to crawl on.
Age range: 2 – 5 and 5 – 12 (two separate play structures)
 Ground cover: Pour-in-place recycled tire flooring
 Features: Two separate structures for younger and older kids. Multiple slides, small and very tall climbing walls, monkey bars, several types of bridges (rope, wavy steps, etc), musical instruments.
 Surrounding park area: The park is next to the school’s enormous grass field, baseball diamond, football field and basketball nets.
 Shade: Minimal shade from some small trees and the school itself.
 Seating: Several benches.
 Accessibility: Accessible flooring throughout. Musical features accessible from the ground level.
Overall assessment: This playground is truly enormous. There are unique features such as a rope ladder leading to a rope bridge, and monkey bars that each swing back and fourth individually. I liked that the smaller structure is right next to the large one, so it would be relatively easy to watch two kids of different ages. The playground is so big, it took my 3-year-old a long time to explore it. I also liked all the different types of climbers and bridges. This playground has features we haven’t seen elsewhere, which made it more fun.
St Sebastian School Playground
St Sebastian School Playground
St Sebastian School Playground St Sebastian School Playground St Sebastian School Playground
St Sebastian School Playground
St Sebastian School Playground
Have you been to this playground? What did you think?

3 Comments on "St Sebastian School Playground"

  1. Gorden December 12, 2013 at 4:41 pm · Reply

    This website is really neat, do you know the various developers of the playgrounds?

    • danawyyc December 12, 2013 at 8:02 pm · Reply

      Thanks! no I don’t know anything about the playground developers.

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