Super Duper Playground Review – Indoor Play Centre

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place -

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Address: 2020 32nd Avenue NE.2N20 32nd Avenue

Gordie’s Review (5  years old)– “I liked the motorcycle best.” (It’s just a trike-style ride on toy)

Nicky’s Review (2 years old) – “My pink car” (She liked the pink cozy coupe)

Cost: under 2 is $4, 2-3 years $6, and 4+ $10 but includes a free sibling under 2.
Age Range: Best suited for kids 0-7 but older kids are allowed as well.
Footwear: Socks.
Safety Features/Concerns: Families will receive wrist stamps and must check in and check out upon entering and leaving.
Play Area Features: Fenced Little Ones area with small toys for babies and small toddlers. Climber with triple slide. Small soft climber with balance beam and small slide.  Ride on toys. Tire climber. Play tents. Play kitchen.
Additional Services: Birthday Party Rooms. You can visit Best Birthday’s for more information about having a birthday at the Super Duper Playground.
Food Services: Cafe with organic coffee and tea. Sandwiches pre-prepared on site and baked goods that were cooked on site. They also have a small selection of other food and snacks.

Overall Assessment: Katie from Best Birthdays and I went to the Super Duper Playground on a Tuesday morning only a few days after it first opened. It was fairly quiet  when we first arrived but by 11am it had filled up and was busy though not uncomfortably so.  Our kids ranging in age from 1-5 all had a great time and Katie and I did too. This play place is generally aimed at a bit younger kids than some of the larger indoor play centres in town, but it has a lot more space than ‘Coffee and Play Centres’ typically do so it can accommodate older kids much better. The visibility from the seating area is great though, you can basically see everything from any table and can easily keep an eye on your kids while you have coffee with a friend.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

In the centre they have a toddler climber with slides on both ends. The kids loved walking across the balance beam. Nicky thought it was hilarious to ‘slip’ at the end and then go down the slide in a controlled fall.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

At the far end on one side they have a small climber with a triple slide. The slide goes fairly fast – but even pretty little kids should be able to navigate the climber without you having to crawl in with them. There’s a fair bit of clearance inside though so if you want to go in too you can.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Underneath they have ball curtains and a hula hoop obstacle course. I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes a little bit over time as some of the balls were getting ripped down and the kids seemed more interested in riding the ride on toys through there instead of using it as an obstacle course.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

On the top of the climber they have fun things for kids to climb and crawl through.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Beside the climber they have a set up made out of upcycled painted tires that the kids can crawl through and over.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Gordie’s favorite part was the plastic ride on toys. They have several different ones and lots of space to ride around on them.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Along one side they have a couple of hoops set up on the wall and a bucket of balls. In front of that they have a couple of play tents the kids can use for pretend play.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -
On the other side they have a little kitchen area and some cardboard blocks. Nicky loved cooking in the kitchen.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Beside that is  an area designed specifically for little ones. They can play with age appropriate toys without you having to worry about them being bowled over by bigger kids.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

The seating area is near the entrance and has plenty of tables. The best thing about it is that the sightlines are great from every table so you can watch your kids while having coffee with a friend and not have to worry about not seeing them if they need help.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

The menu at the cafe isn’t huge but the sandwiches are pre-prepared on site, the coffee and tea are organic and the baked good are made on site too.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

We ended up staying for lunch. The two kids and I got a veggie cup, sausage roll and a tuna sandwich for $13.65. We didn’t have to wait to get the food (which can be really helpful when you have hungry kids!) and the food was nice and fresh.

Super Duper Fun Playground - Indoor Play Place  -

We had a great time at this play place. As a parent, I really liked that I was able to relax, I wasn’t worried that my 5 year old was just crashing into the little kids because there was plenty of space and my 2 year old was able to be very independent. I would happily come back to visit with a friend while our kids played.


Have you been to the Super Duper Playground? What did you think?

The Super Duper Playground covered our admission to facilitate this review.  (Going to all these places is fun but it gets expensive!) All opinions are my own. I take my reviews very seriously and always do my best to provide you guys with accurate and useful information. 


  1. Cheryl Dueck says

    Thanks for the review! This is very close to me, and it looks like it will be fantastic for my 2 and 4-year old to play at together.

  2. Savannah brown says

    I came here today with my 2 year old an 6 year old. My 2 year old absolutely loved this place and how independent he was able to be! My 6 year old got bored but still enjoyed :) I will most definitely be coming back with my toddler when my oldest is in school! It was clean and the staff were so sweet and friendly! Thank you guys!

  3. tamara says

    I took my 2 year old and my 2.5 year old niece here tonight. Let me just say they had a blast !! I felt they couldgo off and play while I sat in the seating area. There was no “big” kids so I didn’t need to worry about them getting pushed around like some other play places. It’s very affordable and had a great variety of toys . Reccomended age I’d say under 4 years old would love it. Thanks we will be back again !!

  4. tamara says

    Bern here around 4 times . my 2 year old has fun but he is continuously sick after being there. Would be nice to see them constantly sanitizing the toys and slide area, I have not once seen them do that. Will not be going there again for that reason .

  5. a mom says

    I can’t believe they charge for babies under 6 months and for not opening that long ago and the place is a lewd falling 3 year old got bored quickly .

    • a mom says

      and the baby part has no padding on the floor . so if he did happen to fall over he would cracked his happen because the floor is cement and has a thin carpet on it.

  6. Jen says

    We went here today and my girls love it. There is lots of space to spread out, but it is easy to keep track of all your kids (3 for me!). It caters well to children under six I would say. The climber is not too big and not too small. Another wonderful new addition is a small trampoline that 2 or 3 kids can jump on at a time-my daughter barely left it!

    One downer…the owner’s daughter (around 2yrs old) was playing as well, but often unsupervised and she intentionally rammed a car into my friend’s daughter and then hit her!

    Also, although you’re allowed to bring in outside food (yay!!), don’t bring in cake or cupcakes-oops! Those are only allowed in the party rooms

    • tamara says

      yup I had that problem with their son. I felt like I had to keep an eye on him the whole time because I didn’t know what he was going to to do to my 2 year old…wasn’t playing very nicely. maybe a little more supervision is needed for them.

  7. Alysha says

    I love this place. I bring my son to super duper playground pretty much weekly and he always has an awesome time. It seems really safe even for little ones (my son is 20 months) and almost every time I come I see the owners cleaning. They are super friendly and really care about customer satisfaction. My son always ends up getting a delicious snack while we’re there and its nice to know all the food is prepared fresh and on site.

  8. Anoy. says

    I found the place to be not very clean and not super cared for. You can definitely tell the toys aren’t cleaned regularly. And a lot if the toys showed in the picture aren’t there anymore.
    It’s a little tacky and looks like an old basement playground. My 2 year olds favourite toy was a car.

  9. karen says

    I took my kids there once and will never go back.One of the stairs for the small climber with the beam and slide had a rip in it and a metal piece cut my son’s sock. There was also a large metal piece sticking out over by the stairs to the large slide. The bathrooms were disgusting and the man that runs the place was extremely unfriendly and creepy. I’d rather pay more money than return there.

  10. anonymous says

    Hi! So I just came across this blog and think it’s a great resource for families–well done Dana! I was also happy to see a review on Super Duper, yet I was so surprised with some of the comments!! I take my kids to Super Duper on a regular basis, it’s our favorite place to go! I think it’s clean and the owners are very nice. I’ve spoken with them a few times and they are very friendly. And their kids are so sweet. That comment about being afraid of their son is a shock to hear. That boy is the sweetest little thing ever. He plays great with my 18 month old. Not once have I ever worried about either of their kids playing with mine. And that other comment about it being tacky??? Seriously! It’s so easy to watch your kids playing and you never have to worry about their safety (btw there is so metal piece sticking out over any steps..) I can take my little 18 month old and have him play independently with his 4 year old brother. I either go in with them if I have the energy, or I take a seat and have a coffee. I can actually get a bit of break because i can easily see everything, and I know the play area is very safe. Anyways I can go on about how amazing this place is but I really was surprised with some of the comments. But then again, not every play centre is for every family and it’s great that everybody has a place to share their opinions here. I think Super Duper is perfect for my family and I really appreciate it being a small family owned business. Thanks!!


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