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Tommy K Play

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Address: 830, 12024 Sarcee Trail NW (North of the main complex)

Gordie’s Review (4  years old)– I liked the room with the buttons!
Nicole’s Review (11 months old) – the big blocks!

Cost: $9.95 for ages 4 and under, $12.95 for ages 5 and older, children 9 month and under and adults are free.
K-Zone Admission (in addition to general admission): (Climbing Wall and Laser Tag) Children – 4 years and under – Not available Children – 5 years and older – $7.95* Adults – $7.95*
Age Range: 0-12.
Footwear: Socks. Socks are available for purchase for $3 if you forget.
Safety Features/Concerns: There are closed circuit video monitors with a rotating video feed; Children and adults get matching wrist bands that get checked and cut off at the door.
Play Area Features: Huge climbing structure designed for kids 5-12 but accessible to younger kids if accompanied by an adult; toddler area with plastic toys and large foam blocks and toddler sized climber with double slide; time-freak warp game; roller race track and trampoline basketball. For an additional charge there is also a climbing wall and laser tag.
Additional Services: Birthday Party Rooms.
Food Services: Full Service Coffee Bar with sandwiches, salads and other snack items.

Overall Assessment:

The Beacon Hill Tommy K Play opened last October (2012). There are a lot of similarities to the South location, with some additional features. If you liked their first location, you’ll like this one too. We met up with a friend of mine who has 4 kids of her own (1 years to 6 years old) as well as her 10 year old niece on a Saturday morning.


I was impressed with how Tommy K Play is doing their toddler areas now, having the climber really elevates the value of the play space for the little ones.  The kids also really enjoyed playing with the giant blocks. There’s no gate on the toddler area, but you have great visibility both from inside the play space as well as bar seating facing inside. DSC_1111


About half of the plastic toys were out of batteries on our visit. Although even the ones with batteries were pretty hard to hear due to the ambient noise. DSC_1110

The toddler area is right next to the big climber with the roller race track at the bottom. DSC_1113

The last time Gordie tried these roller race cars (2.5 years old) he still needed a fair bit of help but this time (at nearly 4) he was able to do them independently and had as great time driving around the track.NMS_1099

It is recommended that kids 4 and under are accompanied by an adult when they are in the climber. This may be a bit of a challenge if you have more than 1 kid and they do not agree on where to go next. If your kids are in the climber alone, there is plenty of seating with good visibility as well as multiple closed circuit video monitors with feed from various areas in the climber.  Along the length of the play structure, there are comfy chairs arranged facing the play area and TVs with adult programming on above as well as plenty of table and bar style seating behind that.Tommy K Play

When we first got there Gordie (4) ran right in and ended up getting scared because he couldn’t figure out how to get down. By the end of our visit though, he was completely independent. My friend’s (almost 3 year old) needed some assistance to get from one level to the next.DSC_1102

The climber is one of the biggest in the city, and is completely accessible to adults (even my husband who is 6’4″) so this is an excellent place to go if you’re looking to play with your kids.   DSC_1104



At the far side of the play centre there are 4 more activities. Two are included with admission and two are available only for kids 5+ and adults for an additional cost.

Time Freak is included with admission. The game is set up so that there are two teams and you try to hit the buttons as they light up. This was the biggest hit with our kids – they went back again and again. I’m not sure Gordie really understood all the rules of the game – “But why are there two teams?” but he loved it anyway.


The trampoline basketball is also included with admission. There are two bouncy trampolines with a basketball net on each side. In general the kids just bounced around, but the basketball nets may help keep older kids interested.


The other two activities are laser tag and the climbing wall. We didn’t try either of these activities on this visit. You can see the climbing wall in the above picture on the right. It’s run by staff members and participants are hooked up into a harness.


We stayed for lunch. I found they were short of highchairs, we asked a staff member if there were more, but it seems they only have three. For their food services, they have a limited selection of pre-prepared food. Our 3 sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and 4 drinks came to close to $40. I sometimes find it difficult to find healthy options that the kids will like but we didn’t have a problem with that here. Our sandwiches were simple, but we all really enjoyed them. It’s also handy that you can get your food right away as it doesn’t have to be prepared.

Overall, our experience at Tommy K Play North was great. The kids and adults all had a great time. It would be a perfect place if you have a group of various ages that you need to entertain.

You may also want to check out our review of Tommy K Play South.


  1. says

    We’ve really enjoyed our visits to this TommyK Play. ESPECIALLY the button room… now, I need to make one of those games in my house. 😉

  2. Jackie T says

    We went there for my son’s birthday this year, I allowed him to bring 3 friends and his two cousins also came. 1 of the boys brought his little sister, which was fine because I have known them for years. The kids had an okay time, although the smaller ones kept getting pushed around and out of the way of the older kids( not mine ). And at the end of the party, ( we did have a room ) my night came to 180.00 dollars. Never again, I am a single parent and that isn’t easy for me to do. I found it way to loud, some parents stand around ( in the way) and it wasn’t comfortable. My review would say ” Way to expensive, way to noisy, too many rude kids and their parents. For me it is a never again situation.

  3. Patricia says

    I was there Oct. 5/13. I was very disappointed at this place……… It was very noisy, over crowded and the staff and other people there were very rude………. The prices are way too high, and the food was not tasteful at all. I will definately tell my friends to pass the word around to take their families to a different place.. The money that I spent there, was outragious and the place was very disappointing.. I will never return to Tommy K Play

  4. Ryan says

    Too many annoying moms there not watching their kids. It’s not a day care (WATCH YOUR KIDS).
    It’s very noisy. There were 2 kids sneezing and coughing with runny noses. I’m guessing the same dumb ass parents brought both their sick kids. Get a clue. Wow.
    And I drought the staff EVER go in there and clean the climbing structure or the toys!

  5. Acurts says

    We visited this location on jan 15 2014, I definitely don’t understand the complaints on here.
    Nor am I clear as to the expectation of what you parents actually want to see.
    My 19 month old had a phenomenal time he was not pushed around at all. The children there big
    And small were very courteous of each other. We thought the price was excellent given what was
    Provided fr play structures. We would definitely go again. The staff is the only draw back they were unfortunately very slow with what appeared little motivation to work but whatever, our interaction with them proved to be very minimal. We will definitely go back to play :-)

  6. flo says

    Since this place is 5 min from home, we’ve been here more than once. I’ll start with the good: my 5 yr old loves it here. I have seen staff wipe down the play structure at various times. The staff crawls through and wipes it all down as kids play around them. There is always seating somewhere for 2-3people, usually less for larger groups esp on weekends. The wifi strength is also good. Now for the bad… Service is always mediocre at best. Staff is usually slow to open the entry gate after you pay & get your wrist band even when its not busy. Parents hog the lounge chairs with their coats, backpacks, purses, sippy cups, etc but don’t sit in them. I got there at 1pm today, ALL lounge chairs were ‘held’ but only 1/4 of them at any one time had a person in it or even close by. There was no one using any of the table/bar seating. This is pretty inconsiderate. Eventhough entrance signage say no outdoor food, many moms and caretakers bring food and drinks. No one controls this & there is no signage about food once inside the gate. At one point I saw 3 groups of people at the same unpacking food from lunch bags complete with chips, fruit, sandwiches, juice in sippy cups, cheerios in tupperware, cookies, etc openly. Some people walked around handing out snacks to their kids. One child took her plastic snack box of berries right in front of staff cleaning the play structure and he didnt bat an eye. Since I find their food prices high, I’d like to bring stuff from home too but I also want to follow the rules, I felt I had to ask staff if food n drink could be brought in – why should I pay for food when no one else did. The girl at the counter said no outside food or drinks allowed. I pointed out to her lots of people brought food & outside drinks obviously with all the sippy cups and lunch cooler bags sitting out. She looked around the room and shrugged. So I guess its an official ‘no’ for outside food but if you bring stuff no one will stop you. Lastly, the bathroom was very dirty. I looked at 5 toilets before finding a clean one that didn’t have something other than water in it. This place is sadly getting worse each time I go. Hopefully management will come and either change policies or properly supervise staff and parents/adults are following the ones in place. Today was not busy and there was 3 people working. They could’ve done a better job.


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