Rose Kohn Arena – Calgary Rink Review

Location: 502 Heritage Dr SW Rose Kohn Arena websiteCity of Calgary Rink – Accessibility information Parking: front lot can get busy – there is some additional parking at the back. Amenities Also at this location: – Jimmie Condon Arena – dedicated to figure skating, public and senior skate– Meeting rooms available to rent: Meeting Room … Read more

Calgary Rink Review

This is very much a work in progress! North Rinks Bowness Sportsplex Brentwood Sportsplex Crowchild Twin Arenas Crowfoot Arena Edge School Ernie Starr Father David Bauer/Norma Bush Huntington Hills Arena Joe Phillips / Red Dutton (Springbank) Max Bell Centre Mount Pleasant Murray Copot (Thornhill) Northeast Sportsplex Rocky Ridge Shouldice Stew Hendry / Henry Viney Arena … Read more