Outdoor Fitness Parks in Calgary

North East Outdoor Fitness Parks Coral Springs Park, ​172 Coral Keys Dr. N.E. Equipment: Vault bar Chin-up bars Parallel bars Sit-up station Horizontal ladder Push-up station Deerfoot Business Centre, 6632 8 St. N.E. Permanent slackline posts are available at this location as part of a pilot initiative. Equipment: Vertical climbing ladder Muscle builder climber Horizontal ladder Sit-up station … Read more

Calgary Playground Bingo 2022

This year we have partnered up with Calgary’s Child Magazine for our best playground bingo contest yet! Join Calgary’s Child Magazine and Calgary Playground Review and tour Calgary’s parks and playgrounds this summer with our Playground Bingo! Visit playgrounds across the city and fill out one line on our bingo sheet and you could win … Read more

Outdoor Skating in Calgary – All the outdoor rinks in the city

Calgary has a huge number of outdoor rinks most of which are run by volunteers and all of which are free to use. Some of these rinks are strictly for pleasure skating (no pucks or sticks) others are full on hockey rinks. City of Calgary Outdoor Rinks The city of Calgary also maintains 7 outdoor … Read more

Calgary Disc Golf Courses

Update May 2020: The City’s disc golf courses are open to those wishing to play disc golf under the following conditions: play needs to be modified so that participants will not touch or handle the same disc, and maintain a two-metre distance at all times (including the elimination of accidental contact). New to Disc Golf? … Read more