Journal Prompts for Kids

Daily Journal prompts to help kids record their experiences I asked my kids to start writing a journal while school is not in session to help them chronicle their experience. But I quickly realized they would need a little more support. I put together this list for them to help give them some ideas to … Read more

Classic Movies to Watch With Kids

Sometimes a little nostalgia is a good thing. Here is a great list of movies from your childhood that you can share with your kids. Not all aspects of all the movies hold up – some may have some cringe-worthy moments in an otherwise good film. This can be a good opportunity to discuss these … Read more

Fun Live Feeds for the Kids

The Glenbow is hosting #GlenbowFromHome. Wednesdays, 10am Mountain: Content for school-aged kids Fridays, 10am: Content for adultsYou can find more information about #GlenbowFromHome here. You can find all the #GlenbowFromHome posts here: Cincinatti Zoo is hosting a live feed from the zoo featuring different animals every day at 3pm Eastern [1PM Mountain]My kids have watched … Read more