Journal Prompts for Kids

Daily Journal prompts to help kids record their experiences

I asked my kids to start writing a journal while school is not in session to help them chronicle their experience. But I quickly realized they would need a little more support. I put together this list for them to help give them some ideas to make their journal more fun and interesting.

For younger children, you could ask them the questions and then scribe their answers. You can also encourage children of any age to include drawings and doodles.

I’m trying to have my kids write one journal entry a day of their choice.

1. Write 5-10 things that you are grateful for, or make you feel lucky. 
2. Write a review of a movie you’ve watched recently
3. Tell a story about something you’ve done this week. 
4. Write 5-10 things that you are worried about
5. Write a book review of a book you have read recently

6. Write about your happiest memory
7. If you could do anything today, what would it be? 
8. Write about your best friend
9. What is the hardest part about school being closed? 
10. Write about something that makes you happy

11. Go outside and write about what you can see, hear or smell. 
12. Write about something you have learned this week. 
13. Write about something that worries you. 
14. Tell me about your brother or sister. (Be kind.)
15. Imagine you went back in time and had to tell your younger self what is happening right now. What would you tell them?

16. Tell me about one of your grandparents.
17. What is your favourite subject in school and why?
18. Make a list of 20 things that make you smile. 
19. Write about the funniest thing you’ve done with your friends. 
20. Write down 5 goals for yourself this month

21. Write down 5 goals for yourself this week.
22. Write about what you’ve done to achieve one of your current goals
23. Write about something that makes you angry. 
24. Write about something that makes you feel sad
25. Write about your hero or someone you admire

26. Write about one or your hobbies or activities
27. Write about something you have accomplished this week
28. Write about one of your favourite memories
29. Write about 5-10 things you find annoying
30. Tell me about something you love that many people don’t. 

31. Write a letter to someone (real or pretend)
32. Make a Top 10 list of your choice
33. Tell me about a small win that you had today
34. Write about a great idea you have
35. Tell me about something you could do now to make the world a better place

36. Tell me about a time that you did something kind
37. Make a comic about something that happened this week
38. Write about something that you can’t stop thinking about when you go to sleep
39. Write a poem
40. Write about something you are looking forward to

41. Write a journal entry from an unexpected perspective (eg, ant, booger etc)
42. Write a bucket list of things you would like to do this year
43. Write an autobiography
44. Write about something you could do this week to make your neighborhood a better place
45. Write about your neighborhood

46. Write about a dream you’ve had or make one up
47. Write about yourself 5 years from now
48. Describe your perfect day
49. What is your favourite kind of weather?
50. If you could do something you have never done before, what would it be? 

51. Write about taking a visitor from outer space on a trip through your neighborhood
52. Finish this story:
“It started out as an unusual Monday morning, when I…”
53. Have you ever wished you were older or younger? Tell me why or why not.
54. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? 
55. Write about your favourite teacher and what made them special. 

56. Write about your favourite sport
57. Who is your favourite person to be with and why?
58. Would you rather travel to the future or the past? Why? 
59. Write about something one of your relatives taught you
60. Write about your favourite time of day

 61.What about what it is like to connect with your friends at a distance
62. What is your daily schedule like right now? What would you change? 
63. What things do you wish you could be doing right now but can’t
64. Write about a responsibility you have
65. When are you the happiest?

66. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
67. What is something you wish you never had to do again
68. Describe how to make your favouite meal
69. What is your favourite song and why?
70. Write a list of things you can do if you are feeling upset

Print friendly version of 70 journal prompts for kids

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