Outdoor Skating in Calgary – All the outdoor rinks in the city

Calgary Outdoor Skating Rinks

Calgary has a huge number of outdoor rinks most of which are run by volunteers and all of which are free to use. Some of these rinks are strictly for pleasure skating (no pucks or sticks) others are full on hockey rinks.

City of Calgary Outdoor Rinks

The city of Calgary also maintains 7 outdoor rinks – 3 regular pleasure skating rinks, 3 pond/lagoon skating rinks and one with a refrigerated ice surface as well as a pilot project ice trail. Hockey sticks are not permitted on the city run outdoor rinks. These rinks are also free of charge. You can check on their website to see if they are currently open or closed. Rinks typically begin opening mid-late December.

Regular Outdoor Skating Rinks

  • Big Marlborough Park (Large rink by the dry pond) – 6033 Madigan Dr NE
  • Prairie Winds Park – (two rinks) –  223 Castleridge Blvd. N.E.
    – North rink, pleasure skating only
    – South rink (in tennis court), shinny hockey and pleasure skating
  • Thomson Family Park – 1236 16 Ave. S.W.
Bowness Park Skating RInk

Pond/Lagoon Skating Rinks

  • Carburn Park (pond rink) – 67 Riverview Dr. SE ) – music, a fire for keeping fingers and toes warm and lights after dark.
  • Bowness Park (Lagoon rink) – 8900 48 Ave. N.W.  – skate rentals, skate sharpening and stabilization bar rentals are available at the Park Side Cafe.
  • Prince’s Island Park (Lagoon rink) – 4 St. and 1 Ave. S.W.
Bowness Park Skating RInk

Ice Trail

  • Glenmore Ice Trail – new Ice Trail pilot project.
    7305 Crowchild Tr. S.W. (11 AM – 10 PM daily)
    Over 730 metres of connected track, through North Glenmore park, with an attached skating rink located in the centre. Benches, picnic sites and portable washrooms available on site.

Rink with Refrigerated Ice Surface

  • Olympic Plaza – 228 8 Ave. S.E. (10 a. – 9 pm) – this is the only refrigerated outdoor ice surface in the city. Due to this, the rink opens earlier than the other rinks (late November) and closes later (mid March). Washrooms are on site and they now have skate rentals too. Hockey sticks, toboggans, sleds & strollers are not permitted on the ice.

Community Outdoor Rinks

There are more than 35 outdoor hockey arenas and many communities also maintain an outdoor rink. Many communities have two rinks, one with boards (to use with stick and pucks) and one without (for pleasure skating). Some are run through the city’s adopt a rink program (pleasure skating only) and others are run by the communities themselves.

About Adopt-a-rink locations

Adopt-a-Rink locations are subject to change due to volunteer participation.

Adopt-a-Rinks are for pleasure skating only. Hockey equipment and games are not permitted on these rinks.They are typically smaller rinks without boards

Outdoor skating rinks in Calgary are (obviously) weather dependent, but typically open in mid-December and continue through February. Helmets are recommended particularly for kids.

North Haven Community Rink

About Community Run Rinks

Community run rinks are volunteer run by the community that they are located in. They are free to use but if you would like to support the outdoor rink you can buy a membership for that community even if you don’t live there. Many communities are also looking for volunteers to help set up and maintain the rinks – it’s a great way to give back.

Some features such as indoor changing rooms may not be accessible at all times or to non-community members. Please check ahead before you go. 

Community Rinks List

Please help me keep this list as accurate as possible!
Due to the nature of outdoor rinks, rinks may change or come and go from year to year.

Please let me know of an outdoor rink that no longer exists or one that is missing from this list. If you had any additional information to add about the rinks listed please share that as well. 

North West Rinks

  • Crescent Heights Community Association outdoor rink – 1101 2 St NW
  • Edgemont Outdoor Rink – 6911 Edgemont Dr NW – 
  • Evanston – 221 Evanston Drive N.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Hamptons Community Association Outdoor Rink -110377 Hamptons Blvd NW – two rinks – zamboni for the hockey rink, pleasure skating rink with no boards.
  • Hawkwood – 56 Hawkhill Rd NW –  rink with no boards
  • Hidden Valley – 10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW,- Hidden Hut Outdoor Rink – two ice surfaces – a pleasure skating only rink that is best for young children and beginner skaters. Second ice surface with boards and nets. Sticks and pucks are allowed aside from during family skate times. 
  • Mount Pleasant – 607 30 Ave. N.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Nolan Hill – 155 Nolan Hill Dr. N.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • North Haven Community association rink – non-permanent, mixed use rink with high boards 
  • Panorama – 400 Panamount Blvd. N.W.  – Adopt-a-rink
  • Ranchlands Community Association outdoor rink – 7713 Ranchview Dr NW – two rinks, one with boards and hockey nets. Benches at both rinks.  
  • Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association outdoor rink – 9764 Royal Oak Way NW – rink with boards
  • Rosedale Outdoor Rink  – 901 11 Ave NW – non-permanent, mix use rink with high boards. 
  • Sage Hill – 235 Sage Valley Drive N.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Sandstone – 332 Sandarac Dr NW – hockey rink with boards as well as a pleasure skating rink (two different locations in Sandstone)

North East Rinks

  • Bridgeland – 917 Centre Ave. N.E. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Falconridge Castleridge Community Association outdoor rink – 86 Falshire Dr NE – rink with boards.
  • Martindale Community Rink – 500 Martindale Blvd NE – rink with boards and hockey nets. Enclosed change shack with seating area to put on skates and watch others
  • Pineridge Community Association outdoor rink – 5 Pinehill Rd NE – no boards, lit at night.
  • Rundle Community Association outdoor rink – 2510 50 St NE – rink with boards and lights. 

South West Rinks

  • Canyon Meadows – 848 Cantabrian Dr SW – two with boards and a more “pond” style one outside the community association/canyon meadows school. lots of lighting and is on top of a nice big toboggan hill. Three playground structures in sight, and concession/change room open weekends
  • Cedarbrae – 475 Cedarille Cr. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Chinook Park – 91 Colleen Cr. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Killarney – 2828 28 St SW – small rink near the community centre. Perfect for little ones learning
  • Lakeview Community Association outdoor rinks – 6110 34 St SW – Hockey rink with boards and adjacent rink with no boards. Ice Shack – comfortable shelter for those using the outdoor rinks
  • Mayfair – 160 Malibou Rd. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Meadowlark – 623 58 Ave. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Millrise Outdoor Rinks –  14808 Millrise Hill SW – leisure rink and zamboni cleared hockey rink
  • Oakridge Community Association Outdoor Rink – 9504 Oakfield Dr SW – two outdoor ice surfaces each winter—a shinny rink with boards and lighting, as well as non-hockey pleasure ice surface. 
  • Rutland Park Ice Rink – 3130 40 Ave SW – rink with boards
  • Shaganappi Outdoor Rink – 2516 14 Ave SW – skating loop, hockey rink and a small practise area, fire pitand flood lights.
  • Shawnessy Outdoor Rink – 302 Shawinigan Dr SW – Figure-8 shaped pleasure skating rink.  Fenced hockey rink .Little undercover building with benches for getting your skates on. 
  • Signal Hill Outdoor Rinks – 489 Sienna Park Green SW- hockey rink and leisure ice with bathrooms available for public use.
  • Silverado – 131 Silverado Blvd. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Southview Community Association outdoor rink – 2020 33 St SE – Hockey rink and skating pond
  • Wildwood Community Association Rink – 4411 Spruce Dr SW – hockey rink with boards, pleasuring skating rink and an ice trail around the soccer field. Heated changeroom area with soft walkway. Outdoor fire pit. 
  • Woodbine – 257 Woodbriar Cir. S.W. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Woodcreek Community Centre Rinks – 1991 Woodview Dr SW – One rink open for skating and a hockey rink with lights.

South East Rinks

  • Acadia – 8523 Addison Dr. S.E. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Applewood Community Association outdoor rink – a full sized ice rink complete with boards
  • Chaparral – 135 Chaparral Valley Square S.E​. – Adopt-a-rink
  • Copperfield Community rink – 6 Copperstone Way SE, Calgary –  hockey rink and tot rink
  • Deer Ridge Outdoor Rinks – 155 Deermont Way SE – hockey and leisure skate rinks
  • Deer Run Community Association Rinks – 2223 146 Ave SE – two leisure skating rinks one with nets that can be used for hockey
  • Dover Community Association Rink – 3133 30 Ave SE – mixed use rink with boards
  • Fairview – 45 Flavelle Rd. S.E. – Adopt-a-rink

Map – still in progress

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  1. I heard that Spruce Meadows has an outdoor skate rink and that it’s really pretty in evenings with lighted trees and Christmas lights everywhere… And that they have bonfires where you can roast hot dogs nd marshmallows too..
    I will go check it out during with festive season…

  2. Bow ness Park will have half price skate rentals at $5 during Christmas day and the day after this year… I went there years go and it was so nice to skate amongst twinkle lights in the trees in the evenings… It’s a nice park outdoors to take kids and have a fun family day!


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