Big Fun Play Centre – Review

Address:  10, 261024 Dwight McLellan Trail, Rocky View County

Gordie’s Review (9 years old) – “I really liked the thing where you had to duck under and jump over. And the bull you could try to ride. There was almost nothing I didn’t like.”
Nicky’s Review (6  years old)– “I liked everything!”
Robbie’s Review (3 years old) – “I liked the monster truck [bouncer]”

Cost: Monday-Thursday: 1 and under free or $3, Toddler (2-4) $13, Kids (5-12) $16, Teen (13-17)$18, Participating adult $21, Non-participating adults – free, parents, legal guardians and common law parents – free with paid child admission. Toddler, kids, teens and participating adults admission is $3 more Friday-Sunday and holiday mondays.

Age Range: all ages
Footwear: Special frog socks are required for all participants. You can purchase them for $3. Non-participants require socks.

Safety Features/Concerns: Families get bracelets with matching numbers after check-in. Numbers are checked by staff at the gate on exit.
Play Area Features: Huge climber with tons of slides and features like trampolines, ball pit, bumpers, ball blaster and spider web. Two toddler areas. Several redemption games and token operated rides.

Additional Services: Birthday parties and events
Food Services: Wide variety of snacks, drinks and food including ice cream, fresh baked pizza, burgers, fried foods, platters and salads.


  • Fill out your waivers ahead of time online so you don’t have to do it when you get there. Waivers are required for all people entering the facility.
  • Lockers are included with the price. Don’t bring in any bags or jackets that you don’t want to put in your locker.
  • Outdoor food is not permitted but water bottles and baby bottles are encouraged.
  • They are cash free so make sure you bring a debit or credit card
  • Gripper socks from other trampoline parks cannot be substituted for their frog socks. Frog socks only have grips on the ball of the foot making them better suited (more fun and more safe) for the slides.
  • Parents taking their kids do not have to pay and can participate so much sure you buy frog socks for yourself.


All the play structures at Big Fun are inflatable but very few are straight up bouncy castles. There are activities for little kids all the way up to adults. Unlike some other places that are fun for older kids, like trampoline parks, you can play all day rather than paying by the hour.

There are lots of seats in the eating area which is located at the front of the facility.

They also have seating throughout the play area.

Tot Section

Near the eating area they have 3 inflatables inside a fenced area with a gate that are best suited for younger kids.

Two of them are sort of inflatable obstacle courses with stuff to climb on and over and the other one is a more traditional style bouncy castle.

The rest of the play area has a huge variety of inflatables. There is one where you try to jump across obstacles. I tried this one but ended up a little bit too much inside of the balls.

Large Area

Several where you have to climb up and over obstacles which leads to a big slide. Robbie (3) really loved the monster truck and the fire truck ones.

One (that has to be manned by an operator) where you have to jump and duck as this spinning bar comes past you – my 9 year old loved this one.

A bull riding set up – this one also requires an operator.

One where you compete to reach the end with a friend

A basketball court

A slippery climber where you try to reach the top and ring the bell but usually end up slipping and hilariously slide down.

The wrecking ball where you try to knock your friends over with an inflatable wrecking ball.

I tried this one where you try to cross the rope bridge without falling over and my kids thought it was pretty hilarious.

A battle ring

A baseball game

And a few others too! This gorilla one (above) was my 6 year olds favourite because the slide was fast and goes in a curve.

The kids had a tons of fun and are looking forward to going back again. It’s a great place to go if you have a wide age range of kids to amuse or kids that need to burn off some energy.

Have you been to Big Fun? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Big Fun Play Centre – Review”

  1. It was fun! Tons of great inflatables. But it was sooooo expensive. We went on a Saturday and I had a 7, 5, 3 and 1 year old. The 1 year old and myself was free but it cost $70 for the 3 kids and socks. I also dont like having bags searched. Feels invasive. And unnecessary. I had to leave after 3 hours because it was so loud. The blowers for each inflatable and the music and people yelling. I thought my ears were going to bleed. The staff were awesome. All great kids. The kids had fun and burnt a ton of energy. Mostly fun, but way too expensive. And invasive with bag searching. Overpriced for sure

  2. I was impressed with the park overall — however when i found out they don’t take i was less impressed and I expressed that to the attendant ,Cash is legal tender and should be taken , however she expressed to me that it was about safety for the kids, I couldn’t make the connection on that comment but then she further suggested i wasn’t concerned about safety for kids then why was i there — that’s when i lost it on her how dare she make that kind of suggestion to me — its simply a company decision to operate like that – it has nothing to do with safety its about the company and perhaps internal theft who know’s — But i was so pissed off at them my decision I WONT be back — CASH IS LEGAL TENDER a lot of people still use it……


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