Dalhousie Community Centre Playground


Location    map
Dalhousie – 53 St and Dalhart Rd NW
Parking: Free street parking

Gordie’s Review (3 years old): “What was the best part of the park?” “The climber. I liked the climber.”
Age Range: 2-10.
Ground Cover: pea gravel
Shade: some shade from mature trees on the east side of the playground.
Features: school-aged climber with 2 slides (1 triple slide), preschool climber with bus, ramp, 2 slides (1 double), climbing rock, bowl spinner, 1-person stand spinner, 11 swings (3 baby).
Surrounding Park Area: The playground is right next to the community centre and a Jr. High. There’s a hill on the East side of the playground leading down into large fields that the Jr High uses for sports activities.
Accessibility: Although there is a ramp on the small climber, the pea gravel would make it very difficult to access that part of the climber for someone in a wheel chair or unsteady on their feet.
Seating: 2 picnic tables and 2 benches.

Overall assessment: This playground was just put in last year and it is obviously well used. The kids from the Jr High seem to really enjoy swinging on the swings on the south side of the playground (there are also swings on the north side). There is also a preschool run out of the community centre that frequents the park. The playground itself had a nice variety of equipment and Gordie and his friend (also 3) were entertained for the couple hours we were there.










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  1. Anonymous says

    I just love this website – I lived in Dalhousie for years, moved to another community next to Dalhousie and would have *never* found this awesome upgrade to this playground.


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