St. Dominic School Playground


Location    map
Dalhousie – Dallyn St & Dalgetty Drive NW
Parking: free street parking
Note: This is a school playground, you may be asked to leave during school hours.

Gordie’s Review (3.5 years old) – “what was the best part?” “climbing. Just climbing.”
Age Range:5-12
Ground Cover: pea gravel
Features: large interconnected climber with slides, twisty slide, and bridges. musical panels, flying foxes, climbing wall,
Surrounding Park Area: The playground is located up a small hill from the school itself. There are school fields beside it and a bike path runs along the east side. On the west side there is a small public playground with a couple of swings.
Shade: Almost none.
Seating: a few benches.
Accessibility: None.

Overall Assessment: Playgrounds like this one, where you can go move around it without touching the ground are always a hit with kids. This playground is a great example of that. Gordie really loved testing out his skills with the different equipment he encountered.










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