Bowness Park Playground

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Community: Bowness – Bowness Park – 8900 48 Ave. N.W
Parking: free lot parking
Gordie’s Review (6 years old): What was your favorite thing? “playing with the other kids”
Nicky’s Review (3 years old): “The slides!”
Robbie’s Review (4 months old): Nice shade but crappy grass.

Surrounding Park Area: Located in the popular Bowness Park. Huge picnic areas, river access, Lagoon (popular with ducks and geese, canoes, kayaks and paddlecraft); Boat rentals; Cafe. Pathways; miniature ride on train; wading pool, Bow River access.

Age Range: 0-10 years.
Ground Cover: Pour-in-pace recycled tire flooring
Playground Features: Preschool climber with 2 ramp, train structure, gazebo and slides. School aged climber with steps, catwalk, slides, and twisty slide. Lady bug bouncer. Apollo spinner. 2 saucer swings.
Shade: Large mature trees nearby.
Seating: 3 Picnic tables beside the playground, more in the surrounding park
Accessibility: Accessible flooring throughout, ramps and steps.

Overall assessment: One of Calgary’s most popular parks for years now has an excellent playground as well. This playground entertained my kids for so long we didn’t even get to check out the rest of the park. Younger kids will love the ramps and the train structure and older kids will love running up high on the bigger climber.

Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -
Bowness Park Playground -

Have you been to this playground? What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Bowness Park Playground”

  1. I haven’t been to this playground yet but it looks great! The only thing that looks dissapointing is that like many fo the newer playgrounds baby swings seem to have been forgotten about. It’s too bad as the really littles ones always love it.

    • Baby swings are great, but the saucer swings are a really great alternative. I actually prefer them because instead of standing pushing my baby on the swing I get to sit on the swing with them.

  2. Great place for picnics and large family events, but I don’t think it’s the #1 playground in Calgary for 2015. I visited many of the parks on the top 15 2015 list which were bigger better playground structures. (Even still, wonderful place for the family in summer or winter).

    • Thanks for the feedback GH,

      The playgrounds are numbered but they are not actually ranked. Some of the playgrounds are new each year and some of them remain from previous years. I like putting a new playground in at the first spot. Next year I plan on running a “Calgary’s favorite playground” poll and making a list that will be ranked based on the most popular votes.

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