Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

Location     map
Community: South of Crowchild Trail and West of Silver Springs Gate. (I would highly suggest checking out my map link above)
Parking: Free lot or street parking

Gordie’s Review (4.5 years old) – “I liked the maze!”
Nicky’s Review (17 months old) – “woof woof” – she liked seeing the dogs (the park is in an off-leash dog park

Park Features:  Off-leash dog park, gardens, birth place forest (2002)

Overall: The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are privately maintained gardens that are open to the public. They are located on the North East corner of Silver Springs along an off-leash dog park.

I was surprised to find out that the gardens were only established in 2006. The covered area is huge! As the botanical gardens are still young, some areas of the garden are more mature than others.

We started our trip through the gardens on the South end by the Oval Garden. The oval garden is the largest garden and well worth visiting, but I would recommend starting on the North end instead.

The garden area is fuller and the gardens are closer together. We didn’t end up making it to the Northern most portion of the gardens before we had to turn back. If you aren’t going with young kids, this will probably be less of a concern.

The shade garden is right nearby.

Path towards the Labyrinth

One of the art sculptures along the gardens

Entrance to the Labyrinth

Gordie absolutely loved the labyrinth. When we past it again on the way back to the car I let him run around it again for a few minutes. When I called him to leave, he kept running around the maze paths and yelled “I am coming!”.

You can see the pattern these trees have been planted in from google maps. but it is really hard to photograph.

One of the paths lead through a little forest area, the other by some gardens.


Along the front of the forest

Eagle Garden

Garden before wall garden

Rose Garden

Wall Garden

We didn’t make it to the end of the Wall Garden and we missed the Shakespeare Garden completely. I’m really glad we went, it was a nice walk and the flowers are beautiful. If you are looking for a nice walk, this would be a great place to go.

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9 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs”

  1. Hi, I love your website; gave me so many tips as to where to take my son.
    Definately going to check out this Botanical Gardens this weekend.
    But as I was checking, the address you listed for the botanical gardens is actually for Baker Park.
    Botanical Garden seems to be more east of silver springs as they indicated on their website.
    Am I missing something here?

    • Hi Joanne,

      Sorry about that. I often use the previous similar post as a template. I’ll fix the address. The map is correct.

  2. Are the off leash dogs in this trail by the flowers or do they have a separate compound? I’m terrified of dogs and wouldn’t want them running around me or my kids. Please clarify.

    • Hi This would be a bad place to go if you were afraid of dogs. I’m not completely sure where the off leash boundaries are, but I would expect to see dogs along the pathway.

  3. I called 311 just before I decidedn asked them about the dog policy, she confirmed to me that it was an “ON-LEASH” DOG park.

    I went there coz my daughter just started walking and I wanted her to walk in good free space while enjoying the colours of the flowers.
    No sooner we reached ther a huge dog leapt up to me and ran towards my daughter off the leash n free to roam. My heart leapt to my mouth! But everyone insisted to at least have a quick look around having come this far……. It was a very uncomfortable time I had of course my daughter strapped into n stroller crying n cranky.

    Is there a no dog park where we can enjoy some beauty without fear??
    I was so disappointed, verybad choice of venue I made

  4. Well , contrary to what HZ says this park is very clearly marked as an Off-Leash area.

    Despite that, the local volunteers are doing their level best to ruin what was once a nice park. Wood chips everywhere. Tacky statuettes and oddly, religious idols planted in random locations. Very strange for a public park.


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