Telus Spark–Calgary Science Centre – All you need to know

Calgary Science Centre - Telus Spark

220 St. George’s Drive NE
I wasn’t sure what to expect for our first visit to the science centre. I had only been a few times to the old science centre (as a child and as a class volunteer) and didn’t remember much. With Gordie only being 2.5, I wasn’t sure whether he would be old enough to really appreciate the experience. I was pretty sure that we would only go a couple times a year at the most.

Port Discovery – Children’s Museum – Baltimore, MD

Port Discovery - Baltimore Children's Museum

Location Inner Habor –  Baltimore, MD Gordie’s Review (3.5 years): “I liked the climber.”Nicky’s Review (11 months): toys! Day Pass Cost: $10 for children over 12 months and adults. Seniors $8, under 12 months are free. Re-entry is allowed if you leave your bracelet on. (2013)Food Services: No food or drink is permitted in the exhibit … Read more