The Zoo Island at the Calgary Zoo – Destination Africa, Eurasia and the Conservatory

The Zoo Island is split up into roughly 3 areas: Destination Africa, Eurasia and the Conservatory. If you are planning on seeing the tigers which is at the furthest point from the bridge, it can be a good strategy to start there and then work your way backwards.

Destination Africa

In the African Savannah building you can see animals including giraffes and hippos.

Calgary Zoo

Most of the times we’ve seen the hippos, they have been doing their best to impersonate a large rock. This time, they were swimming around and doing back flips in the water.

Calgary Zoo
Calgary Zoo

Take a walk behind the building and you will also find lions and zebras.

Calgary Zoo

Sometimes if it’s cold out the lions are hidden away indoors but sometimes you’ll see them walking around or enjoying their heat rock. This area has been recently improved (2017) with better viewing of the lions and a small play area.

Lions - Calgary Zoo - Calgary Zoo in Winter -

TransAlta Rainforest

To the West you’ll find the TransAlta Rainforest building which is always steamy and warm. The highlight of this area are the gorillas but there are also many other animals to see too.

Calgary Zoo
Calgary Zoo

There are some small aquariums when you first enter which is always a hit with babies. They also have a tortoise that you can sometimes see going for a walk, bats and alligators.

Calgary Zoo

Depending on the weather the gorillas may be inside or outside. There is a spot where you can view them from above from inside the building as well as a lower viewing area.

Calgary Zoo


The Conservatory and Gardens

Stop inside the conservatory and you’ll not only get to see beautiful flowers and vegetation, from Spring to Fall you can also see butterflies fly all around you.

Calgary Zoo


In the former Elephant building you can now find the rhino and komodo dragons. Further to the west you can find animals like Snow Leopards and Tigers.

Calgary Zoo
Komodo Dragon - Calgary Zoo - Zoo in the Winter -
calgary zoo in the winter

Playgrounds and Rides

The Zoo has a Zoo themed carousel with a nearby toddler playground. You can buy individual tickets or an unlimited day pass.

toddler playground

There is also a large playground with sections for kids of different ages.

Calgary Zoo

Read more about the Zoo’s Playgrounds and Rides here.

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