Variety Children’s Park–South Glenmore

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South Glenmore Park – 90 Ave. & 24 St. S.W.
Parking: There is a large free parking lot at the entrance to the playground

Surrounding Park Area: The playground is very close to Glenmore reservoir home of the Glenmore sailing school which also has boat lessons.  There are also walking, biking and hiking trails as well as tennis courts, Quinterra Legacy Garden Music Park and South Glenmore Bike Park.
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Shade: Nice mature trees provide good shade. The play structures also have some nice shade-providing canopies. It can easily get so busy at the park that it’s hard to find some shade though. Bringing a park umbrella or bringing chairs so you could sit under the gazebo would be a good idea.

Seating: Several of benches and picnic tables. It can get very busy though, so you still may want to bring a picnic blanket.


Age Range: 18 months – 12.
Ground Cover: Recycled tire

Features: Preschool play structure with 4 slides and a tunnel; school aged play structure with slides, ramp system, ground level accessible merry-go-round, musical features; saucer swings. Roller ‘tunnel’. Ground level activity panels, large globe spinner, 4 seat spinner, web climber

Accessibility: Great access throughout the play area.  The school aged playground has ramps that allow access to multiple levels levels. Newer equipment has extensive inclusive play features.

The park is one of the few fully fenced playgrounds in Calgary and also includes a shaded rest area, water fountains, accessible washrooms, accessible parking and accessible pathways with views of the Glenmore Reservoir and sailing school.

Overall Assessment: This would be a great playground to pick for a family day at the park particularly during the summer when the spray park is open. The play structures have lots to entertain both big and little kids.

There is a nice picnic area right at the playground and a pathway nearby where you could take a walk and seek a little nature as well as the boats from the nearby sailing school.

This is playground has a lot to offer for kids of all ages and abilities. Overall, it is definitely worth a trip.

There is also a nautical spray park in the centre of the play space

South Glenmore Park - Nautical Spray Park

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16 thoughts on “Variety Children’s Park–South Glenmore”

  1. We are fro out of town and searching for a spray park/water fun for one of the days we will be in Calgary. Your comments and pictures are wonderful and very helpful! Thank you

  2. I stumbled upon this playground today while walking around the reservoir with my 21 month old – he loved the whole playground, both the toddler area and the older kids area. It would be nice to see it when the spray park is open but there’s lots to entertain kids even without the spray park! We’re sure to be back.

  3. anyone know the exact date the waterpark opens in mid-June?? I gather middle of the month is June 15, but I could be wrong! Is there s # to call??

  4. The Somerset Spray park is only open weekends until July 1st. The rest should be open every day from the day they open unless there is lightening. Then they close. Some of the spray parks will turn off if no one is using it though.

    Also, Bowness is closed this year for construction and Prairie Winds Park is being resurfaced.

    • haha – we do try to get there early which helps but I am also patient and will run over to grab a picture when a section is empty.

  5. hi, thanks so much for your input into the various free splash/playgrounds around… We have x5 little ones starting from 15months, 3yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs and 7yrs old…. could you please advise whether the splash park component is gated as such. I do see a fence around a perimiter but not sure if it’s around the whole splash park and/or the playground as well?

    Thanks, kooka7

    • I think your kids would have a great time there. There is a fence that surrounds the whole play area including the playgrounds and spray park. The spray park is in the centre. The fence isn’t gated though.

  6. hiya, we went there on the 13th…. great park, lots of great climbing structures…. however… .for my kids…. they thought the older kids running around with water pistols was annoying LOL! Some of the other parents of older kids, I could hear them telling them off to be considerate of the younger…. much younger ones. Our youngest is 15 months and she was happy to plonk her butt on the ground and play with the water spraying up OR trying to catch it in her mouth…. there were even smaller bubbas then her, I am guessing around the 10-12 month+ mark. I guess… you need to factor that in, which wasn’t really mentioned in the writeup. I got slugged with the odd water pistol, didn’t bother me. However, we did go to another splash park, smaller, and completely gated which the kids were happier to go to again when I asked. I am sure when they are older 7+ they would get alot of fun out of that…. but for our youngest to turn that compared to our eldest is a looooong way off LOL. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great park with lots to do, the lake is a great bonus and something to consider for when the kids are older to go to sailing school 😀 ….. I’m not sure if you can go fishing on the lake though … a bonus for mum and dad – HA!…


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