Covepark Square Playground


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Community: Coventry Hills – Covepark Square NE
Parking: free street parking

Gordie’s Review (2 years old): The step bridge!

Age Range
: 2-10
Ground Cover: pea gravel.
Features: A large school-aged climber with 2 slides;  Gazebo-like climber; small playhouse; preschool-climber with double slide.
Surrounding Park Area: Grassy area, Basket ball hoops, community garden beds.
Shade: little to none.
Accessibility: none.
Seating: a few benches.

Overall assessment: This is a fairly large playground with a lot of climbing features. I haven’t seen this brand of equipment before but it’s not hugely different from a lot of others. There are some nice pathways near the playground that would be great for trikes and small bikes.

The playground held Gordie’s attention for a long time –he liked going around trying to see how many different ways he could get up to the top of the climbers. Although it wouldn’t be very challenging for older kids, there would be a lot to do for kids who were about 4-8 years old.

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