St Peter Elementary School Playground

Location: map Address: 720 58 St SEParking: free street parking Nicky (9 years old): “I could skip two bars on one of the monkey bars. I liked the big spider web and the music thing”Robbie (6 years old): “I liked the noise panel and the spider web” Age Range: 2-12 yearsGround cover: pour-in-place recycled tire flooring Features: Huge … Read more

Forest Lawn Natural Playground

Forest Lawn Natural Playground

Location   mapCommunity: Forest Lawn –  43 St and 10th Ave SEParking: Free street parking Gordie’s Review (7 years old): “I liked how parkour-y it is”Nicky’s Review (4 years old): “Everything! The swings.”Robbie’s Review (15 months old): Liked climbing over the tail of the ‘lizard’. Age Range: All ages.Ground Cover: pea gravel Shade: limited.Features: Rock and log shaped equipment, 4 swings … Read more

Best South East Calgary Playgrounds

top SE Calgary Playgrounds

This is a list of the best playgrounds I’ve found in SE Calgary. Is there a playground you think should be on this list? Looking for a central playground? Check out our top central playgrounds list. 1. Applestone Park Playground Applewood – Applestone Park, Applewood Drive SE This is a huge accessible playground with equipment suitable … Read more

Mahogany Orange Playground

This bright orange playground in Mahogany is located in a small part area with a big hill along one side. Location: mapAddress:  Mahogany Square and Mahogany View SEParking: free street parking Nicky’s Review (9 years old): “I liked how there was a tower and once you got to the top, there were so many ways to … Read more

Divine Mercy School Playground

This school playground in Mahogany features equipment that is a little different from typical school playgrounds including a roller slide and accessible flooring. Location: mapAddress:  228 Mahogany Blvd SEParking: free street parking Gordie’s Review (12 years old): “Nice playground. Roller slide was good. Different from a lot of school playgrounds.”Nicky’s Review (9 years old): “I liked … Read more

Prince of Peace School Playground

The playground at Prince of Peace School is dense with climbing equipment and has accessible flooring, making it easy for everyone to get in on the play. Location: mapAddress:  43 Auburn Meadows Blvd SE (pathway access to the playground from Auburn Bay Meadows Blvd)Parking: free street parking Gordie’s Review (12 years old): “Good school playground – … Read more