Forest Lawn Natural Playground

Forest Lawn Natural Playground

Location   mapCommunity: Forest Lawn –  43 St and 10th Ave SEParking: Free street parking Gordie’s Review (7 years old): “I liked how parkour-y it is”Nicky’s Review (4 years old): “Everything! The swings.”Robbie’s Review (15 months old): Liked climbing over the tail of the ‘lizard’. Age Range: All ages.Ground Cover: pea gravel Shade: limited.Features: Rock and log shaped equipment, 4 swings … Read more

Buffalo Rubbing Stone School Playground

Location: mapAddress:   1308 Panatella Blvd NW  Parking: free street parking Gordie’s Review (10 years old): “I liked that it had interesting monkey bars and a natural part. It was so fun!”Nicky’s Review (7 years old): “I liked the roller slide, the rings where you can do lots of things and the parkour stuff”Robbie’s Review (4 … Read more

Ralph Klein Park Playground

Location:mapAddress:  Ralph Klein Park– 12350 84 St. S.E. (near Stony Trail and 114 St SE)  Parking: free lot parking. Gordie’s review (9 years old):”I liked the mountain climber”Nicky’s review (6 years old): “I liked the slide with the mountain stuff, the sand part and the wood”Robbie’s review (3 years old): “I liked the sand so much” Age Range: 2-12  Ground … Read more

Crossroads Playground – East Village

Location    mapCommunity: East Village – 7 Ave and 6 St SEParking: pay parking along the street and in a nearby lot Gordie’s Review (7 years old): What was your favorite thing? “The rolly slide!”Nicky’s Review (4 years old): “Everything! The rolly slide!”Robbie’s Review (14 months old): Had some difficulty as a new walker but kind of enjoyed the … Read more

Haysboro Natural Playground

Update: Since our original review, the playground now features a ‘log jam’, recycled tire flooring surrounding the slide as well as new rocks. Pictured below. Location – mapAddress: Haysboro – 1204 89th Ave SWParking: Free lot and street parking Gordie’s Review (7 years old): “Kind of everything was the best.”Nicky’s Review (4 years old): “I liked the … Read more