5 Great Things to do With Young Kids in Washington, DC (even if it’s cold)

This February, our family won a trip to Washington, DC as part of Kaboom.org’s Summer Playground Challenge. It’s almost overwhelming how many options there are for things to do when you visit and at the end of our trip we definitely left wanting more. Based on our trip, here are my suggestions for places you … Read more

Port Discovery – Children’s Museum – Baltimore, MD

Port Discovery - Baltimore Children's Museum

Location    http://www.portdiscovery.org/Address: Inner Habor –  Baltimore, MD Gordie’s Review (3.5 years): “I liked the climber.”Nicky’s Review (11 months): toys! Day Pass Cost: $10 for children over 12 months and adults. Seniors $8, under 12 months are free. Re-entry is allowed if you leave your bracelet on. (2013)Food Services: No food or drink is permitted in the exhibit … Read more

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Washington, DC

Location     http://airandspace.si.edu/ Address: Located on the National Mall in Washington, DC Gordie’s Review (3.5 years): “I liked going in the airplanes! Why did the monkey go into space?”Nicky’s Review (11 months): (signing) “Airplanes!” Cost: Free!Season: Year round.Food Services: McDonalds.Age Range: All ages.Stay Length: Expect to spend at least 2 hours, depending on your level of interest you … Read more

United States Botanic Gardens – Washington, DC

Botanic Gardens Washington, DC

Location     http://www.usbg.gov/Address: The National Mall, Washington, DC Day Pass Cost: Free!Food Services: None.Age Range: All ages.Stay Length: Expect to spend 1-2 hours.Worth the Trip?: Not a must see. It’s a lovely little oasis and a great place to go on a cold day. The United States Botanic Gardens was another place we enjoyed taking the kids. It’s open … Read more

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden – Washington, DC

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden -Washington, DC

Unlike many of the museums and galleries along the National Mall, the National Gallery of Art is not run by the Smithsonian Institute. We didn’t make it inside the Gallery, but they also operate the sculpture garden located between the National Gallery of Art and the Natural History Museum. The Sculpture garden opened in 1999 … Read more

The Smithsonian Carousel – Washington, DC

Smithsonian Carousel - Washington, DC

In the middle of the National Mall, in front of the Smithsonian Arts and Industries building you can find the Smithsonian Carousel. The Carousel brings a bit of whimsy that you really don’t find any where else in the National Mall. The original Carousel was installed in 1967 and was replaced by the current carousel … Read more