North Glenmore Park – Soft Landings Playground – replaced

This playground has been replaced with the North Glenmore Park inclusive playground.

Location:7305 24 St. S.W. The first playground from the west entrance.   map
Parking: There is a road that wanders through the park so you are able to park right beside the playground (free parking).

Gordie’s Review (15 months old) – Found lots of rocks!  

Age Range: There are a few things that pre-schoolers would enjoy but generally 5-12.
Ground Cover: Each piece of playground equipment has a different type of soft surface ground cover underneath (11 in total).

Features: Medium sized play structure; very popular merry-go-round; tall slide; two dinosaur climbers; 6 swings (2 baby); tall climbing wall; digger; curved monkey bar climber; two animal bouncers; tire swing.

Surrounding Park Area: Washrooms. Nice big park along the water; beautiful big trees; lots of places for having a picnic
Shade: Great shade surrounding the play area; little to none inside.

Seating: 4 benches, many picnic tables in the nearby park area. Accessibility: Okay access to the play area – can access some of the play structures but not too much to do once you got there.  

Overall assessment: I love the concept for this playground, it was really interesting seeing all the different types of safe flooring. Unfortunately it does seem like some of the play value was sacrificed for the concept.

The playground is pretty spread out, nothing is really connected to each other and none of the equipment is particularly special. There was also nothing that Gordie was able to play with independently (aside from the rocks).

However, it did seem to be a popular park and older kids seemed particularly taken with the merry-go-round. It would be a great playground to make use of if you were wanting to spend a day with the family at the park. There are lots of picnic areas and great shade, but I wouldn’t otherwise make a special trip unless you were interested in seeing the different flooring types.

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2 thoughts on “North Glenmore Park – Soft Landings Playground – replaced”

  1. We were there on a Sunday (late afternoon) and it was PACKED with older kids and the playground was pretty dirty (empty bottles and garbage) but that may have been a result of the people that were there. There wasn’t a whole lot that Jack could do…but I agree, I like the general concept.

  2. It was too bad that the labels for the ground covers were gone (except for SAND). It would be nice to know what they were, especially since that seemed to be the basis of the whole thing.


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