Northland Village Mall Camp Play Area


Address:   5111 Northland Drive NW

Gordie’s Review (19  months old)– fun slide!

Cost: Free
Supervision: None.
Age Range: Children must be under 42” to play.

Footwear: Socks.
Safety Features/Concerns: The play area is not too big and there is only one entrance so it is fairly easy to keep track of your kids. The entrance is open though so there is nothing stopping them from walking right out if you’re not watching.

Play Area Features:  Camp themed climbing structures; 4 panels.
Seating: There is seating on both ends of the play area as well as a bunch just outside facing the play area.

Overall Assessment: This is a nice play area to take a toddler. It’s almost never very busy and you don’t have to wait or sign up. You can also access the play area before the mall opens. The play area is also nice and close to Cora’s which is my absolute favorite restaurant for breakfast. It’s kid friendly with a focus on fresh fruit.

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3 thoughts on “Northland Village Mall Camp Play Area”

  1. The mall security guards periodically come around to check for infractions and are not the nicest.

    It was pretty sad to see kids crying because the security guard just tossed them out of the play area.

  2. The Northland play area is very convenient for a quick play with the kids. There are a few draw backs however which I will state below.

    Play area is mostly uncontrolled and a crap shoot on what is going to be happening in there on any given day. There is a height limit to keep out bigger kids, but this has never been enforced when I have been there. I have seen many times unsupervised 5-8 year olds running around with 1-3 years olds… and usually unsupervised


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