Burger King–BK Kids Playground

Locations                   http://www.burgerking.ca/

Pictured: Country Hills – 800-500 Country Hills Blvd
Crowfoot – 11 Crowfoot Ter NW

Cost: Free but it is expected you will purchase something at Burger King
Supervision: None.
Age Range: 4-10.

Footwear: socks. But you can wear shoes while you watch if you don’t go into the play space.
Safety Features/Concerns: You may have to fetch smaller children from the top of the play structure as sometimes they can’t manage to get down by themselves.
Play Area Features:  Climbing tubes, large twisty tube slide, lookout points, (may differ by location).

Overall Assessment: In an attempt to learn from my experience at the McDonald’s play place where Gordie was too little for a really good review, I asked my friend who has a almost 4 year old and a 2 and 1/2 year old to accompany us. Unfortunately, even they were really too little for this play area. It’s recommended for ages 4-10 and unless you had older children who could help your kids out, I wouldn’t recommend going to any kids under 4.

The play area is completely enclosed and there are no benches or tables inside. Although you can see there is good visibility of the ground level of the play area from the tables outside it, you can’t hear what is going on and it is difficult to locate your kids when they are inside the climber even if you are in the play space.

Even though our kids were too young, they still wanted to play. Gordie thought it was kind of amusing stepping just inside the tubes and playing with the door and my friends kids climbed up a few levels but were disappointed they couldn’t get to the slide. And thank goodness they didn’t! The slide is huge and twisty – they would not have enjoyed it at all.

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5 thoughts on “Burger King–BK Kids Playground”

  1. I had a horrible experience at Burger King. I had not been in years, so was not expecting much, but thought the kids might enjoy the play place. It was the first thing they saw when they walked in, and immediately wanted to play. They were too little. I understand that it is stated that is for 4 and up, but I thought there would be something on ground level for the younger ones. It really seems like the kind of place you take your kids and forget about them. You cannot talk to them, unless you are right inside, and since I have a baby, that did not work out well, as there is not place to sit.
    My kids wanted the macaroni, but they didn’t eat it as it wasn’t good (although, it was Kraft Dinner). I was surprised with my burger – didn’t expect much, but really enjoyed it.

  2. As a parent I have found myself at the top of many of these play places retrieving my child. I would consider myself more flexible than the average parent however this location I was unable to make it past the first obstacle to the second landing little-known anywhere near the top. I also found it very disheartening that there is no place for adult supervision with in the play area. the door to get in and out of the play area is a very heavy closing door, I would consider it a finger trap as my 2 1/2 year old was able to partially get it open, however the door has greater resistance as it opens further. the floor and room at the base of the play structure was reasonably clean considering it’s used by children

  3. However with the amount of trouble I had trying to retrieve my daughter I cannot imagine any of the staff have cleaned any part of the upper play structure. Overall I would rate my experience at this play structure be quite disappointing. the food offered at the Burger King is on par with what one can come to expect from a Burger King fast food establishment.


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