Deerfoot City – The Lodge Play Area

Location 901 64 AVE NE Play area is is located in The Lodge Cost: Free.Age Range: There is no set age. There is a section for bigger kids and one for younger kids but kids are free to play according to their interests and abilities.Safety Features/Concerns: The play area is open to the food … Read more

Calgary Public Library’s Early Learning Centres – Library Kids Play Areas

Over the last few years, Calgary’s libraries have becoming more kid friendly with spaces for learning and play. These spaces are located in many of Calgary’s libraries and are aimed at kids under 6. Libraries without  early learning centres still have small spaces with toys and activities for young kids. Each Early Learning Centre has … Read more

Eau Claire–Kids Zone Indoor Playground

Eau Claire Kid Zone

200 Barclay Parade SW (Downtown) – Inside the food court
This indoor play space is pretty unusual. It was developed through a partnership with the Emmanual Foundation (who installs recycled playgrounds to places in the world where children would otherwise not have access) with the help of GPI Outdoor Designs Inc and CDC Recreation Inc. It’s basically an outdoor playground moved inside.