10 Reasons to Love the Calgary Public Library

The Calgary Public Library has been making some changes lately an in my opinion it’s better than ever. If you haven’t been to visit your local library lately you are missing out. Here’s 10 reasons why your family will love the Calgary Public Library.

1. Free library cards

Library cards are now free for kids and adults and there is no need to renew your membership.

2. It’s a great place to hang out with kids

Winters in Calgary can be long. Calgary’s libraries now at least have a small selection of toys for kids to play with as well as all kinds of kids books for them to read and a couple of computers with kids games.

More and more are getting early learning centres – free spaces aimed at kids under 6 for kids to learn and play. See about the early learning areas more here. Best of all, doesn’t cost a penny and they don’t care how long you stay.

 3. Free programs

The library offers many different free programs for children and adults on a wide range of topics. Some don’t even require registration so you can just drop-in.

4. Organized bins

In the picture book section you can now find a few bins that are sorted by theme instead of by author. My son loves looking through the “Things That Go” bins and my daughter goes right to the “Princesses and Palaces” bins.

library bins

5. You can put books on hold and pick them up at the front

Not only can you put a hold on new releases, you can also put holds on any book, CD or DVD in the library’s collection. I use this a lot for my own books – browsing for a book to read with little ones in tow is almost impossible. Instead I just search for books I want to read online and place a hold.

When the book is available it is moved to the library of your choice. You have a week to pick it up, and can be in and out in 5 minutes if you are short on time. You can also do this for kids books.

library holds

6. Library app

With the Calgary Public Library app you can put books on hold and renew your books right from your phone.

7. Kids quick pick bags

The quick pick bags are perfect whether you are in a hurry or just want to try out some different books. You can grab a book of age appropriate books for babies, toddlers or preschoolers. My son loved getting a ‘surprise bag’.

8. Movies and music!

The library has more than just books. You can also find music CDs, movies for kids and adults as well as TV shows on DVD and blu ray.

9. E-books!

You can also get free e-books and digital audio books that you can use on your computer or mobile device. If the book is available you can get it right away onto your phone using Overdrive.

10. Support your book habit

If you are like me, reading can become an expensive pastime. Because of the library I can read as much as I want and it doesn’t cost a thing. (except for the occasional late fine)

library books

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Love the Calgary Public Library”

  1. Love the Public library… just wish that we didn’t have to drive 17 minutes to get to one. You have to plan a trip to it around work and school schedule.

    I also love the Hoopla app as part of your membership-6 free audiobooks a month keeps me entertained through insomnia and household chores!

  2. Thank you for this! I was JUST thinking about how I need to start introducing my children to the library. I haven’t been since we did a couple of free baby programs with my oldest. They were great 🙂 Now my daughter is nearly 4 and my son is 2 and I think it’s a place we can actually spend some time just browsing. I didn’t know they had things like dvd’s to borrow?!


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