Alberta Children’s Hospital Playground

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2888 Shagnanappi Train N.W.
This playground is located behind the Alberta Children’s Hospital but is publicly accessible.
Parking: If you drive past the main doors there is an outdoor public pay parking lot near the playground on the South-west side of the hospital. The transit access is not bad as some buses go right to the hospital.
Gordie’s Review (17 months old) – The big ramp was awesome!
Age Range: All ages.
Ground Cover: Recycled tire
Features: Preschool play structure with a roller slide, periscope and music chimes; school aged play structure with triple slide and climbing mountain; hand and foot spinner; 2 swings (1 accessible); 4 person bouncer; stage; teepee.
Surrounding Park Area: Big ramp up to a huge gazebo with a great view; beautiful grassy area with paths, benches and huge picnic tables.
Shade:  Big umbrella shades provide shade over the play area. The trees in the area are fairly young but the Gazebo can provide relief from the sun.
Seating: 3 or 4 benches by the play area. Lots of picnic tables and benches in the surrounding park area.
Stroller/wheelchair access: The play area is completely accessible. The preschool play structure has a ramp to 2 low levels to the first level with 4 different panels, and access to a steering wheel, chimes and periscope. Accessible swing. There is also wheelchair access up to the large Gazebo and paths throughout the park area.

Overall Assessment: This is a really nice park with a lot of great features. Its biggest problem is a lack of free (or even inexpensive) parking  nearby. There is a lot of great things that could be accessed by toddlers or children in wheelchairs. The school aged play structure is not very big but there are some bars and rings that would help keep them amused. The Gazebo is amazing and Gordie loved running up and down the big ramp. This could be a great park for a picnic. This is one of Calgary’s most accessible playgrounds. It’s a great playground for children visiting the hospital as well as the general public.

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