Devonian Gardens and Playground

Devonian Gardens

Location: 8 Ave. & 2 St. S.W. – Downtown Core Shopping Centre 4th Floor
Parking: Core Shopping Centre parking info (free evenings and weekends)
Transit: Access to the Devonian Gardens is located directly behind the 3rd Street West C-train station. Right inside the doors to the TD Square is an elevator that you can take up to the 4th floor, right into the gardens. It is confusingly labelled ‘P’ on the elevator, but if you look close it also says Devonian Gardens above it.
City of Calgary websiteDevonian Gardens


Gordie’s Review (3 years old): “What was the best part?” “Going down the slide!”
Age Range: 4-12 years
Ground Cover: Pour-in-place recycled tire
Features: school-aged play structure with slide; 2 bowl spinners and 3-D climbing wall
Footware: Shoes
Seating: There’s plenty of small patio tables and chairs near the playground and throughout the gardens.

Overall assessment: Gordie had a lot of fun on this playground, but did find it to be pretty challenging. It doesn’t offer a lot for toddlers, so I wouldn’t plan on them spending a lot of time here. The gardens also have fish to look at and a fountain (as well as the plants!) so it would still be a fun diversion. We were there on a rainy week day morning and the playground was pretty busy, but there was still room for the kids to play and most people were able to find a seat nearby. This is popular location for people working downtown and so seating will be hard to come by around lunch time.

The Gardens

From what I remember, the Devonian Gardens seems brighter, and more open than before the renovations. It does have a less intimate feel but it is still an oasis in the city. It is also an excellent destination if you want to take your kids on a ride on the C-train. You can bring in a lunch or there is a food court area just to the west of the gardens on the same floor.

East side of the fish pond

Fish pond – apparently these are the same fish from before the renovations – they put them in foster care until they could come back

Fountain and pool on the west side of the gardens


Have you been to the Devonian Gardens? What did you think?


  1. says

    We were also impressed with the newly reopened Devonian Gardens. The playground was too challenging for Max (2yr) but he is a pretty cautious playground explorer. We will definitely go back and take the C-Train since parking cost me an arm and a leg! :)

    • danawyyc says

      Swings need a lot of clearance according to safety rules. Even most new outdoor school playgrounds are ending up without swings because they need so much separated space.


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