Edgepark Ravine – Edgemont Rabbits and Playground

Location    map
: Edgemont – Along Edgepark Blvd from Country Hills to Edgemont Blvd
Parking: There is parking along Edgebyne Crescent. There is also parking at the end of Edgepark Rise but there is a fairly decent hill to get down into the ravine.

Gordie’s Review(7 years old) – the giant bug! [bug shaped playground equipment]
Nicky’s Review (4 years old) – the bunnies!
Robbie’s Review (14 months) – enjoyed walking around in the grass

Features: Hiking trails, Picnic tables, Pathways, Gazebos, Rabbit Hill Statues, Tennis, Basketball, playground


Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

The rocks by Edgemont Blvd are perfect for climbing. There is also a nice grassy hill to the west of the rocks that is perfect for rolling down.

To the East of the rocks, are tennis courts.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont
Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

Heading away from Edgemont Blvd, there’s a playground and a gazebo.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont
Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

There’s also some older wooden (exercise?) equipment, picnic tables and benches.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

Continuing along the path, you’ll find the really unique feature of this park, Rabbit Hill. The rabbits are toddler sized and Gordie and Nicky loved climbing on them.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont
Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

The last major feature along our route was this gazebo. This one (unlike the other one) has platform flooring.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

View of the ravine and the gazebo from further up the path.

Edgepark Ravine - Edgemont

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  1. Love your site! So helpful. One suggestion: I’d love to know which of these playgrounds have washroom facilities on site. Thanks!

    • Hi Tabitha,

      By and large it is only major parks and parks with splash parks and wading pools that have washrooms on site. Calgary has a really low percentage of washrooms at playgrounds.

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