Reviews of the City of Calgary’s 10 New Inclusive Playgrounds

All 10 of the City of Calgary’s new inclusive playgrounds are now open! We have visited all of them to bring you all you need to know about these amazing new playgrounds. We are big fans! Click on the heading links for a full review of each park! 1. Somerset Park Inclusive Playground Somerset- 999 Somerset … Read more

Calgary’s Top 15 playgrounds 2022

In no particular order here are this year’s picks for Calgary’s top playgrounds of 2022. These playgrounds represent some of the best from around the city.  Some of the playgrounds have been on the list before but most of them are new this year. 1. South Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground South Glenmore Park just keeps … Read more

Calgary’s Best Accessible/Inclusive Playgrounds

top Accessible Calgary Playgrounds

These playgrounds have more than just accessible flooring, they are great places for kids with special needs to play. Watch for updates to this list coming this spring! Please note: I have noted the parks on this list that have public bathrooms. Typically these bathrooms are only open seasonally. 1. South Glenmore Park Playground South Glenmore … Read more