Tips for Canadians visiting US National Parks with Kids

Geyser Hill - Yellowstone National Park

We’ve travelled to US National Parks with our kids every year starting when our oldest was just over a year old. Our favourite National Park is Yellowstone and we’ve now been 10 times. We’ve also been through Glacier several times as well as Devil’s Tower National Monument, The Tetons, the Bandlands National Park, Little Bighorn … Read more

Visiting Glacier National Park – Montana with kids

Glacier National Park

No matter which route you take or area you visit, you are sure to be impressed while visiting Glacier National Park. Located in Northern Montana, Glacier National Park is the US part of the Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park (Waterton National Park is the Canadian half). Going-to-the-sun road In the warmer months, you can actually drive … Read more

Banff Elementary School Playground

Banff Elementary School Playground

Location: Banff – 325 Squirrel Street (note that this is a school playground, so you may be asked to leave during school hours)Parking: Free street parking. Surrounding Park Area: The playground is located behind Banff Elementary School. The area includes a basketball court and large grassy area. Age Range: 2 – 12Ground Cover: Pea gravel, … Read more

Banff Central Park Playground

Banff Central Park Natural Playground

Location: Banff – Central Park (right next to the Banff Park Museum at 91 Banff Ave)Directions: Take Banff Ave to Buffalo Street – turn right. Take the first left, into the Central Park parking lot.Parking: Free parking in adjacent parking lot. Surrounding Park Area: This playground is situated in Central Park, which is a huge … Read more

Banff Playgrounds

Banff's Best Playgrounds

If you’re visiting Banff with kids, playgrounds are a great way to work off some energy – they’re fun and free. Here’s what you need to know about Banff playgrounds. Canmore Train Playground Okay, obviously this is not actually in Banff. But it’s on the way TO Banff from Calgary, and it’s worth the stop … Read more