Waterton Playground & Spray Park

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The playground and spray park in Waterton are great for kids of all ages. There are three separate areas: a toddler climber and baby swings; a climber and swings for older kids; and the spray park. There are plenty of picnic tables and benches, some of which are shaded. Ground cover is pea gravel around the climbers, with paved pathways between. There are washrooms on site.


The toddler area has 4 baby swings and a climber. The climber has two slides. One of the slides is so small, you could easily hold a baby and gently move them from the top to the bottom. There are several ways to climb to the stop of the climber, and there is a short tunnel underneath it.


The toddler climber also has an “ice cream” window where kids can do some imaginary play before you go across the street for real ice cream.


The big climber is in the centre of the park, between the toddler climber and spray park. It’s more challenging than the toddler climber, but not too difficult (my 2.5 year old got to the top by himself).


The climber includes five slides of various sizes and shapes, many ways to climb to the top, and several different kinds of monkey bars, including rings suspended in a circle.


This climber is partially accessible – there is a ramp that will accommodate wheelchairs.


Beside the large climber, there are four swings and a small “rock” climbing wall.


The spray park is really cute and colourful. There is a rainbow that sprays water, a tall pole with three buckets that occasionally dump water on your head, and a few stationary pieces that also spray water. There are two water cannons, and water also shoots out of the ground in some places.


The water shuts off after a certain amount of time, and it took me AGES to figure out how to turn it back on. HERE IS THE SECRET. Look at the photo below. I am standing beside a short red pole with a black top. Smack the top. It doesn’t look like a button, but it will make the water turn on. You’re welcome.


Waterton is often quite windy, so be sure to bring a towel for the kids to dry off in case they get chilly.


There are also washrooms at this park! They are in this pretty blue building, just over a small hill behind the spray park.


During our trip to Waterton, Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort provided our accommodation, and it is perfect for families with children. Our room was DIRECTLY across the street from the park. See the brown house just behind the fence in the photo below? That’s our room, viewed from the spray park. The location is obviously ideal, and I recommend it highly!


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