Calgary playgrounds that are great for big kids

Calgary Playground for Big Kids

A lot of playgrounds aren’t really designed with kids over 8 in mind. If you are finding your kids are getting bored, give these suggestions a try.

Know of a great playground for big kids that should be on this list?

1. Mahogany Giant Rocks Playground

Mahogany blvd and Marquis Heights SE

Kids (and adults) who love a climbing challenge will love testing their skills at this very different style of playground.

Mahogany Giant Rock Playground

2. Applewood Rotary Greenway Playground

Located along a bike path along the Calgary Greenway, this playground offers a different kind of experience from your typical playground. Bigger kids will love playing keep of the ground and trying to jump from one thing to another.

3. East Calgary Greenway–Saddlebrook Playground

Similar to the Applewood Greenway playground above, this playground features artificial logs, rocks and ropes to climb on.

saddlebrook greenway playground

4. Laycock Park Playground

750 Blackthorn Rd. N.E.

This playground is more challenging than most making it great for older kids.

5. Elboya Park Playground

This playground lets kids get up higher than most and has climbing equipment that will challenge older kids.

6. 12 Mile Coulee School Playground

65 Tuscany Hills Rd NW

The equipment at this park is set up in a circuit-like pattern. It was designed to be challenging and support the middle school’s phys ed and fitness programs.

7. Carrington Park Playground

This playground features accessible flooring, challenging equipment, a roller slide and a zipline.

8. Valleyview Hill Playground

It’s hard to appreciate just how tall the climbers at this playground are in the pictures. Located just up the hill from the spray park and toddler playground.

9. Forest Lawn Natural Playground

43 St and 10th Ave SE

This style of playground provides a different kind of experience from more typical metal and plastic playgrounds. Older kids manage to find all kinds of ways to interact with the equipment.

Forest Lawn Natural Playground

10. West Springs School Playground

This school playground features a big rope spinner and a varied rope climber.

11. Nose Creek Middle School Playground

This school playground is set back from the school and is designed for middle schoolers resulting in a more challenging playground than most.

Nose Creek Middle School Playground -

12. Applestone Park Playground

This playground is huge and has lots of overhead features, cat walks and bridges.

Applestone Park Playground - Applewood -

13. Valley Pointe Estates Playground

This style of playground really lends itself for different kinds of movements for older kids. Younger kids usually find these playgrounds a bit too difficult.

14. Taralake Link Playground

Similar to the Valley Pointe Estates Playground above, older kids will love testing their skills out on this playground and going down the saddle slide.

15. Panatella Hill Pond Playground

This playground is in the same style as the two above, however this playground also has a set of equipment for younger kids as well.

Pantella Hill Pond Playground

16. Colonel Walker School Playground

Unlike any other playground in Calgary, kids will love the freaky feeling of walking across this high rope ladder.

17. Balmoral School Playground

Designed for middle schoolers, this playground is more difficult to nagivate than your average playground.

Balmoral School

18. Brentwood School Playground

This school playground is huge and features a wide variety of challenging equipment.

brentwood school playground

19. Ralph Klein Park Playground

This playground features a zipline and a great log and rope feature. An excellent stop if you are biking by the area.

20. North Glenmore Playground

This park includes a zipline and lots of logs and stumps to play keep off the ground.

21. Calgary Academy

Aspen Hills – 1677 93 St SW

We haven’t actually been to this playground yet, but I’m told it is a great playground for older kids.

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