Calgary Parks with Bookable Picnic Sites

   Nine of the City of Calgary parks have bookable picnic sites. Below I have an overview of all 9 locations and links to reviews of the different parks. For specific information about each picnic site you can look at the city of Calgary website.

In addition to the bookable picnic sites, there are also many picnic spots available on a first come first served basis. Bookable sites without a booking are also available on a first come first served basis.  

Your booking is only for the picnic site itself, parking and playground areas are not included in your booking and are free for public use. No alcohol is allowed.  

The city differentiates between picnic site bookings and special events bookings. With a picnic site booking you receive a permit to use the existing facilities at that site. A special event booking is one that has a greater impact and involve additional equipment, (tents, inflatables).  

Rental Cost

Picnic site rentals are based on the number of people attending.  Bowness Park has the largest picnic sites, and the only ones that you can book for more than 100 people. Some of these sites have a minimum fee because they are so large. See the city of Calgary website for more details.

When You Can Book?

You can book a picnic site for between the May long weekend until the Thanksgiving long weekend in October at most sites.

Picnic site #1 in Bowness park is available for booking year round. You can begin making reservations in early January.  

You must book your site in advance. See the city of Calgary website for more details.

Calgary Parks with bookable picnic sites

1. Bowness Park

Bowness Park has the largest bookable picnic spots in the city. There are 7 sites available to be booked ranging in size from ones that will accommodate up to 25 people to ones that will accommodate up to 263 people. The park is currently undergoing re-development so take a look at the city of Calgary website to check which picnic areas or other amenities might be closed when you are planning to visit.

Bowness Park Picnic Area

3. Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park has 9 bookable picnic sites. Most of the sites will accommodate up to 100 people. There are plenty of trees so most of the sites feel surprisingly secluded.

Edworthy Park Picnic Areas

4. North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park has 14 bookable picnic sites – many accommodate up to 25 people but others accommodate up to 100.

North Glenmore Park

5. Pearce Estates  Park

Pearce Estates Park has one bookable picnic site near the playground that can accommodate up to 100 people.


6. Prairie Winds Park

Prairie Winds Park has three bookable picnic site that can accommodate up to 30 people.

Prairie Winds Park Picnic Area

7. Sandy Beach Park

Sandy Beach has 6 bookable picnic sites most accommodate up to 50 people but two can accommodate up to 100.

Sandy Beach Picnic Areas

8. Shouldice Park

Shouldice Park has two bookable picnic sites along the river and near the playground that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Shouldice Park Picnic Areas

9. South Glenmore Park

South Glenmore Park has one bookable picnic site. It is outside of the Children’s Variety Park playground area closer to the Reservoir. It can accomodate up to 25 people.

South Glenmore Park Picnic Area

10. Stanley Park

Stanley Park has two bookable picnic sites along the river that can accommodate up to 50 people. They are near a playground and the outdoor pool.

Stanley Park Picnic Areas

Other: Carburn Park

You used to be able to book picnic sites at Carburn Park too, but that is no longer available. They still have great picnic sites, but they are first come first serve.

The one draw back is that the only bathroom is at the park entrance. (There used to be one near the picnic areas but it’s been removed). It looks like the playground at Carburn Park has also been removed.

Carburn Park Picnic Area

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  1. Are there any bookable picnic sites or parks around calgary that I could potentially book for a bachelor party and have alcohol at?

    • According to the city – Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the park and in any public use area.

  2. Very nice review. Answered many questions. 2 questions remain…..1. How many sheltered picnic sites in each park? …….2. (more important) How to check the availability of a site online?


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