Best North West Calgary Playgrounds

top nw calgary playgrounds

top nw calgary playgrounds

This is a list of the best playgrounds I’ve found in NW Calgary. Is there a playground you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below or e-mail me at

1. Capitol Hill Dinosaur Playground

Capitol Hill – 20th Avenue and 15th St. NW.

The playground was newly installed last year. This playground provides great opportunities for imaginative play and will have your kids begging to go to the dinosaur playground.

dinosaur playground

2. Helicopter Playground

Parkdale/West Hillhurst – 5th Avenue and 27th St. NW.

One of Calgary’s most beloved playgrounds. It’s large with plenty of equipment for older and younger kids and has a helicopter theme.

helicopter playground

3. Brentwood School Playground

Brentwood – Northmount Drive and Brantford Drive NW

One of the best school playgrounds in the city. It offers some unique equipment is large and varied. It is best for school aged children but there are some things younger kids will enjoy as well.

brentwood school playground

4. Dalhousie Community Centre Playground

Dalhousie – 53 St and Dalhart Rd NW

This playground has a challenging climber for school-aged kids and an excellent preschool climber as well.

dalhousie playground

5. Panorama Playground

Panorama – 134 Panatella Hill NW

The climber at this playground is unusual and challenging for older kids. What separates this playground from others using this type of climber is the addition of a great preschool climber, plenty of swings and a covered picnic area.

Pantella Hill Pond Playground

6. St. Andrews Heights Community Playground

St. Andrews Heights. 2634 12 Ave NW

This playground is located next to a school. It features accessible flooring, a climber with 2 ramps, a rock wall climber and swings.

st andrews heights playground

7. West Hilhurst Community Association Playground

West Hillhurst 18th Street & 6th Avenue NW

This playground is right next to Bowview Outdoor Pool. This is a large, well thought out playground with lots of fun features. I love how most of the preschool climber allow for side by side play.

west hillhurst playground

8. Simons Valley School Playground

Sandstone – Sandarac Drive and Sandalwood Gate

This playground is excellent, it features accessible flooring, a large Merry-go-round spinner (Apollo) and a musical array. To top it off there is another really good playground just a short walk across the field.

Simons Valley School Playground

9. Utah Park Playground – University Heights

University Heights – 3420 16 Ave. N.W.

Located next to a school, this playground has two large playground areas. The first area has accessible flooring, a ramp and swings. The second area has pea gravel and some cool pieces of equipment like a web climber, Merry-go-round spinner (Apollo) and more.

utah park playground

What playground would you add to this list?


  1. HawkwoodGal says

    Coming in mid-August 2014, 2 brand new playgrounds in Hawkwood – at St. Maria Goretti and Hawkwood School (a joint-school project). Be sure to check them out at the end of the summer.

  2. Nick says

    Nice new one at the Royal Oak Elementary School went up late 2013 and is in full swing now. Varsity at the top of Nose Hill Drive has a nice large one also.

  3. Jesse says

    I say you should check out Belvedere Parkway Elementary Schools playground as we think it’s one of the most fun playgrounds around.Thanks


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