Best North East Calgary Playgrounds

top NE Calgary Playgrounds

This is a list of the best playgrounds I’ve found in NE Calgary. Do you know of another playground that should be on this list? Let me know!

1. Prairie Winds Water Park and Playgrounds

Westwinds/Castleridge – 233 Castleridge Blvd. NE.

Prairie Winds North Playground

This brand new playscape is located in on the North side of Prairie Winds. It is a different style of playground from most in the city as it uses a ‘natural playground’ setting with hills, slides set into a hill and a long double zipline.

This playground is also right next to the new wading pool with a lazy river and spray park. Prairie Springs is a real destination park.

Prairie Winds Park North Playground

Prairie Winds South Playground

Located on the South side of Prairie Winds Park this playground features accessible flooring, saucer swings and a huge Merry-go-round spinner .

Prairie Winds South Playground

2. East Calgary Greenway–Saddlebrook Playground

Near Saddlebrook along the Eastern portion of the Greenway just South of Stoney Trail.

This playground is a little hard to get to, but it’s worth making the effort. The climbing features are shaped like bears, rocks and logs making it different from your typical Calgary playground.

saddlebrook greenway playground

3. Redstone Participark and Playground

Redstone – Redstone Parade & Redstone Plaza NE

Redstone’s playground is located along a lovely parkway. The playground is a multi-generational park accessible flooring, exercise equipment right near by, lovely walking paths and a basketball court.

4. Laycock Park Playground

Thorncliffe – 750 Blackthorn Rd. N.E.

This playground is designed for kids 5-12 and is more challenging than most playgrounds making it great for older kids. Younger kids can still have fun here but may have trouble accessing some things and the stairs on the one climber can make it so kids can go higher than you may be comfortable with.

5. Vista Heights Jungle Playground

Vista Heights – 1820 Valleyview Rd NE

This playground is geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. It features accessible flooring, a cute jungle theme and equipment perfect for their smaller size.

Vista Heights Jungle Playground

6. Cityscape Playground

Northern end of Cityscape Drive NE

Located in the new NE community of Cityscape along Calgary’s greenway pathway system. Kids of all ages will love the musical stations and the web climber can be used in different ways by kids of a wide variety of ages.

Cityscape Music Park

7. Manmeet Singh Bhullar School

1027 Martindale Blvd NE

This school playground is great with some really fun features and accessible flooring.

8. Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre Playground

5600 Centre St N

This awesome new inclusive playground has accessible flooring throughout and includes two different tandem swings and a double zipline!

9. Nose Creek School Playground

Coventry – Coventry Hills Way NE near Covenmeadow Rd NE

This is a great playground for challenging school-age kids. Younger kids will still be able to have fun on the climber with the slides. The playground is set back from the school which gives it a nicer setting than a lot of school playgrounds although there is still very little shade.

Nose Creek Middle School Playground -

10. Marlborough School Playground

Marlborough– 4777 Maryvale Dr. NE

This school playground features a huge interconnected climber and is great for older kids. It lacking in shade, but has a large merry-go-round climber (Apollo) and plenty of slides and bridges.

marlborough school playground

11. Cappy Smart School Playground

Marlborough Park –  Madigan Dr. and Manora Dr. NE.

This school playground has a firetruck feature that younger kids will love and tons of different climbing equipment for older kids.

cappy smart school playground

12. Coral Springs Park Playground

Coral Springs – Coral Springs Blvd & Coral Shores Dr NE

This playground features a large climber, a saucer swing and a large Merry-go-round spinner.

Coral Springs Park Playground

13. Taralake Link Playground

Taradale – Taralake Heath NE

The equipment at this playground is really different from most in Calgary.  Older kids, in particular, will love testing their skills on this playground.

14. Rotary Challenger Park

3688 48 Ave. N.E. (access from 48 Ave.)

This playground is a little isolated but it has some great features for kids with special needs and toddlers. It also has one of the few rollerslides in the city.

Rotary Challenger Park

15. Foundations for the Future Charter Academy Middle School Playground – McKnight

211 McKnight Blvd NE

This playground is just on the east side of centre street. It’s not the biggest playground but it has some great features like a zipline and triple slide.

FFCA McKnight playground

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