Best South West Calgary Playgrounds

best SW calgary Playgrounds

This is a list of the best playgrounds I’ve found in SW Calgary. Is there a playground you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below or e-mail me at

best SW calgary Playgrounds

1. Elboya Park Playground

Elboya – 46 Ave & 4a St. SW

This playground is big and bright and sure to please. The playground has accessible flooring, and plenty of equipment for both older and younger kids. Making the playground even better is the landscaping surrounding it including small hills, rocks, pathways and trees.

elboya park playground

2. Aspen Hills Forest Playground

Aspen Hills – Aspen Hills Drive near Aspen Stone Blvd SW

This playground has an attractive forest theme. Although they have things for younger children, the best part is the school-aged climber which has lots of bridges, catwalks, balconies and slides.

aspen hills playground

3. Calgary Science School Playground

Lakeview – 34 St and 58 Avenue SW

This school playground has accessible flooring, a large climber with ramps, saucer swings and a Merry-go-round spinner (Apollo). Kids of all ages will be sure to have a good time.

calgary science school

4. Christie Park Treehouse Playground

Christie Park – Christie Estate Terrace and Christie Estate Blvd SW

 This playground has a treehouse theme and lots of green space surrounding it to run around. t’s perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and younger school-aged kids.christie park playground

5. Kelvin Grove Woodland Playground

Kelvin Grove – 73 Ave and Kerfoot Cres SW

This is large with a lot of challenging features for bigger kids and a great preschool climber with a wobbly bridge and ramp for younger kids. It also has 6 swings and to top it off there is another great playground across the field at Chinook School.

Kelvin Grove playground

6. Britannia–Crescent Park Playground

Britannia – Crescent Park & Imperial Blvd SW

This playground has a large accessible area with fantastic climbing equipment for older and younger kids. There’s a separate area with pea gravel flooring that has swings, more fun climbing equipment and a large merry-go-round spinner.

Britannia–Crescent Park Playground

7. Coach Hill/Patterson Heights Community Centre Playground

Coach Hill/Patterson Heights – 60 Patterson Boulevard SW

This playground is great for all ages. This playground features tons of climbing equipment, saucer swings, a merry-go-round spinner (Apollo) and nice big trees.

Coach Hill/Patterson Heights Community Centre Playground

8. Springborough Playground

Springbank Hill – Springborough Blvd & 26 Ave SW

Great for kids of all ages. The ramps and accessible flooring make it great for early walkers or those unsteady on their feet. The large spinner is extremely popular with the kids at the park and unlike some is well balanced and easy to spin. The large climber is designed so kids can move around it and almost never have to touch the ground.

Springborough Playground

9. Mayfair Playground

Mayfair – Malibou Rd & Medford Pl. SW

This attractive community playground is located a a lovely little park with large mature trees. It has accessible flooring, an adorable preschool climber, school-aged climber with a ramp, a saucer swing and more.

mayfair playground

 10. Millrise Drive Playground

Millrise – Corner of Millrise Drive and Millrise Way SW

This playground features plenty of choices for climbing and spinning and the rock features give it a cool look

Millrise Playground

What playground would you add to this list?


  1. Isabella says

    I just wanted to mention that there is a great playground in Braeside. Its at the Braeside Elementary school. Its about 5 years old, little to no gravel, and fun for all ages.

  2. Shannon says

    There is an amazing playground at Our Lady of the Evergreens school, in Evergreen. (322 Everridge Dr. SW)
    The playground is huge, with lots to do for kids of all ages. Worth checking out; it might just make your list! :)

  3. Bonita says

    THANKS so much for publishing this information!!! I have four grandchildren that love going to different playgrounds. You have given us inspiration for many future hours of fun.


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